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    Hello Chat friends,

    By now some of you will have had a look at our rather silly publication and hopefully – despite groaning at the rather tortuous jokes and egregious typos – you may have even raised a momentary smile.

    We were always conscious that although most of you will kindly overlook the amateur nature of the mag, some of you might find the silly content just a bit too contentious. So, as promised in Just Chat magazine, we have commissioned Gallup to see if you would like more of the same. Leave your votes here please.

    And if the results are favourable and you want more of the same at sometime down the line, please remember to send your gossip, tittle-tattle and unsolicited contributions to [email protected], or bend our ears when we make occasional appearances in the chat room.

    We’re pretty crap at the technological stuff but if you’re having problems with the size of the images, just click ‘+’ or ‘-‘ whilst simultaneously holding down ‘CTRL’ to adjust the size accordingly.


    if you have that much time, and it keeps you off the streets, then Yes.

    I enjoyed reading it, and now i can re-size to fit my screen.

    So whens the next issue??


    Its a YES from me thought it was genius really enjoyed it and even better it made me laugh.


    Its a yes from me too, really enjoyed reading it and it made me laugh too, especially Daisydots exercise class lol!!


    its a yes from me

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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