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    I am so sick of being judged by the people I happened to chat with.

    I have told morg repeatedly to stop doing what he does.

    I love my friends I am loyal to my friends but I always tell them to stop if I think  they go too far.

    I get so much abuse I mean come on I have people in chat saying to me oh you let your ex come all over your babies ashes and you ate your miscarriage and you shagged your dead dad?

    You people think oh mizzy is mental now how would you deal with this day in day out?

    COME ON how do you think I am going to be????

    I am so sick of just dealing with this, no sane person would cope with this, yet all I  get from you ‘normal’ people is yeah its ok its her fault

    when do I ever talk about peoples kids?

    martin wont deal with the trolls here

    do not expect nice people to cope with this day in day out and not react

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    Your better than this your TM.

    (c) TR

    Martin is struggling to get the time right on the server good luck with the rest. Speak soon u


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    jc has always had these insults, ever since I came on here.


    is it the same people? Or is it kids watching who’ve grown up – monkey see, monkey do?

    treat it as dust in your eyes. Your real friends won’t believe the lies.

    But from the little I’ve seen, Sarah, you can give out as good as you get. Not in terms of lies, but in terms of hurting.

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    If Martin was to get rid of “Ruthless” that would be one less troll on the site all he does is troll the boards. He gets reported for doing so and his posts get deleted but his account never gets banned.

    He was reported for posting porn in main chat, what happened nothing not even a ban.

    He trolled the Goodbye Darling Poet thread, what happened the post was removed again not even a ban.

    Why do these trolls think they are above the law? just because they can hide behind a screen.

    Morg the who doesn’t actually have a name only guest numbers trolls day after day spamming forum 2 with any rubbish he can he gets booted and then all he does is return with a new number. The only way to stop him is to report him to the police for it but Martin will never do that. It is quite obvious thought that this troll need mental treatment as no normal person would act this way.

    It is quiet obvious that some people will never get on with others and some will. There is an option to ignore,if more were to use it then this would cause less friction.

    I know that I will be trolled for my views as I always am. Why? because I try to keep the site safe for others.

    The trolls need removing permanently from the site not just a temporary ban.



    While I don’t agree with anyone saying those sick things to mizzy, if she’s going to support the really bad trolls like morg, then she must expect to be treated the same by others. The irony is I reckon it’s morg who’s saying that stuff to her. The really sick comments are usually from morg and his compadres, so I think they are the one’s bullying mizzy, double logged. It is not enough saying she ‘disagrees’ with what they say or it’s ‘too far’ – she should not speak to them or support them in any way, shape or form. The ones who carry out all the abuse on here are the same ones they always have been. Sad, pathetic losers with no jobs, no loved ones, nothing in their lives but to abuse and attempt to hurt others online… and sadly some allow them to by taking things said on here to heart.


    Hugs and wink ( top name for a frog)  what are you skittering on about now? We all have opinions on here think you need to chill out your beans!! Goading other guests and some of the more volatile regs in some pitiful attempt to get people banned and or gain yourself honor is really big hey amphibian!!!

    A stink of hypocrisy maybe or you been in the pond too long with the lowlife’s.


    :scratch: :scratch:   :scratch:   :scratch:   :scratch:





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    Hugs and wink ( top name for a frog) what are you skittering on about now? We all have opinions on here think you need to chill out your beans!! Goading other guests and some of the more volatile regs in some pitiful attempt to get people banned and or gain yourself honor is really big hey amphibian!!! A stink of hypocrisy maybe or you been in the pond too long with the lowlife’s. DONK :scratch: :scratch: :scratch: :scratch: :scratch:

    Like I have already said the site would be far better without trolls like you and you certainly can not deny that you posted porn in main chat.

    As for goading that’s what you tried to do in forum 2 to get a response from me I chose to ignore you, however your trolling here has been reported.


    MIZZ….I have told morg repeatedly to stop doing what he does… – it is as MORG is not consistent, other words a ?ble person the type of person you think he might be ok but then SMACK! he says bs to u, also i think u said u like or use to like RUDEBOY i mean the RUDEBOY not NORTMAFIA…… RUDEBOY login i mean that other one, he is also a chatter who is non consistent, so again another ?ble one, i have a few non consistent chatters on my list, like JAN, MERLIN, RUTHLESS etc.

    every chat room i have been in i have seen trolls there, what is even more damaged is, some of my trolls are 10 to 15 years older than me, so u wud of thought they wud of learnt to be mature, but no they seem to have what i keep saying toddler brain/twt syndrome, aka other words people who dont have the type of brain to change there behavour.

    also thou i have notice certain trolls attack other trolls, so it is a win lose situation, even thou trolls are not good people obv some do defend us, for some reason, but also thou certion trolls like DIVINEINTERVENTION, seem to troll people who are already being trolled, like if it is a game to them and that chatter also is sycophantic, i have seen him targert certion chatters to get pity for him, yes that is a typical troll/bully, FACE/-_- is also a type of person who seemed ok untill u learn about him more but then u see he is navie dumb and non consistent, yes i get guess not many knew that when FACE/-_- was arguing with PLASTICFANTASTIC chatter in f2 before the code changed, a time when not many chatters and regs was in there, that is when he lied about me, but a lot seem to think he is great, yes that is as u have not seen his twt side yet, give it time then u will,  i have seen MERLIN do this aswell, oh and yes if u read this merlin you obv have paranoid personalty disorder thinking i typed that comment on that review site, actually i did not type it, so  i guess it cud be like i keep saying as you are a troll and others have said it to, also it is not just one comment u are mentioned in more comments on that review page, stop being some person blaming some kind person like me, saying i am a troll, when it is in fact u who is the troll, while holding that other trolls hand aka ANTH, it is interesting what i have noticed, i have noticed ?ble people who like trolls, it like certion chatters like bad people for some odd reason, they must be dumb to like bad people certianly not mentally stable aswell.

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    what is a donk? i heard a song with some guy in it who looks like my ex school bully, i have no idea what it means it was a totally rubbish song anyway. –


    not sure of the correct definition but the only one i know is a musical term which is sort of bouncy and bassy and altogether quite annoying as every song in donk has to have that same bass riff.

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