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    As I do come in less and less, amazed over the continuance of less good chatters in all rooms. How sad many have left and let those few “dips” over take a chat site.  Guess loyalty no longer exists in these days and times. How truly sad. But I always believe in hope and a group of people who stay the course and broom out the trash. Here hoping the good chatters stay in touch.  :good:



    The quiz is still going for now Linda and it would be good to see you in there again, where you can guarantee a good laugh, loads of banter, and friendly people to chat to.

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    Is it the spam that keeps F1 shutting down?

    I have heard some horrible things tonight and a lot of spam




    @linda Iestyn Llewellyn just came back on and nobody is to be found! where are u all?




    It’s not the spammers who are to blame, it’s heavy handed jobsworth mods


    God, I look good in that

    photo, don’t I!


    Were you in ur 20s.


    In my 20’s! I wish! I’ve been banned from entering chat presumably on age grounds and a general refusal to be utterly banal.


    UK Chat let me in, but there’s no one there that’ s awake even though one of the girls put her principles aside for the sake of the room and offered a sextext to the first man to wake up. I myself offered free beer, but sill no response. Unbelievable!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 12 total)

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