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    I enjoy watching Wimbledon.

    And that’s about it.

    I loved playing soccer when I was a kid. I have long legs and they were good at hooking a ball when tackling, but it was the sense of being part of a group of friends which made me feel good. Not played since 14, though. In school I just kicked the ball to whoever was nearest, and pretty soon I was left alone by the teacher as well as the other kids. Suited me, though it could get cold in the winter when you’re not running around.

    I did enjoy javelin-throwing, but the teacher got suspicious when I called them spears and whooped like a Red Injun when throwing them.

    I swim for exercise every week, but hate it when swimming is shown on the TV because it means large numbers of people suddenly appearing at the local pool and I can’t have a lane to myself. Selfish grrr of an old git.



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    Well footy scep.! My agree you do have long legs..feet as well rather large for a tall European guy. Heeee…

    Spear throwing myself I call it, lord that heavy? I have seen it think in Olympics looks little easy till you see close up of the slight run and throw a little perspiring. Same thing?

    I kind of agree about pool thing. All those people in the guess me selfish too, have my own pool.

    Thanks for sharing. X


    P.s. scep, swimming help with attack on upper leg cramps? Hydration? External helpful. Think all this humidity, heat I am failing to drink more water. I am careful with salt intake am sure ok.

    What u think humidity should I be more in my pool when find time. Heeee….



    I drink large quantities of still water, bought from a supermarket.

    One glass of water each hour is what the doctors recommend when it’s very hot.

    I’ve no idea about the effect of drinking water on our suffering from humidity.

    Swimming does help me cope when it’s very humid.

    But I swim for exercise. Between 1 and 2 miles a week, and as fast as you can. I do a length in half a minute.

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    Ok. Mine also from some disc issues. Compressed as well. Humidity brings issues, swelling in those areas. Make sense. Sure you understand. Maybe should try be more in the water then. Will make an extreme effort on water intake. Those cramps lock me so bad, bring me to well emotional stress. Awful being locked can’t move one or both legs, fall.

    Doctor aware. Inflammatory meds. I tell him no. I am not a medicine taker, or want to be dependent. He knows. Battle of the we laugh..

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