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    Well one things for sure…its true that what i was told a long time ago is true….jan hates miz

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    Do you really think so, I think Blue loves stapler :)

    I think Blue was joking King x


    Stapler is harmless … he likes to have a bit of banter if you are sensitive log out or keep yr shit to yaself . he doesnt spam the room or talk bollox like some trolls here ..😜 .. xxxxx


    there is a difference between banter, and attacking someone to get a boner, what surly trolls like to do.

    also the prob is not all people have a strong mind, so obv wud mently be effected by some scumbag troll, but yes they can just log out but maybe they are type of people like trolls who might also have a prob connecting with others in person so they choose online, but sadly they will also get the people who want to make them feel bad about there self, and self harm an even try to kill them self.

    trolls dont seem to understands words can menally hurt weak minds, i mean look at these dumb trolls who think what they type to people wont mentally effect there victems. – Charlotte Dawson tracks down and confronts Twitter Trolls  –

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    a lot of trolls do talk bollocks if not all of them, they always say the most dumb things, it makes me think are any trolls clever.

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    There is a difference between banter and being cruel.  Its a shame that not everyone understands how such nastiness can affect people who may suffer with mental health problems, even people that ‘claim’ to work with mentally ill people in their ‘profession’.

    Some of us do develop a very thick skin and get to a place where we are no longer affected by trolls or just really horrible people.

    Why have chatters here who are notoriously known for contributing nothing productive to any conversation other than to attack others for their life style, political opinions and life decisions?

    We are all allowed our own opinions – but dont abuse others for being different to you.

    And do not assume you are any better a person just because you have more money, a better job or vote Conservative.  A knob will be a knob regardless of any of that.

    I rest my case.


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    keep stapler banned till he takes me to japan like he promised

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    To be honest…….if any one gets banned. The powers at large seem to deem it necessary. I liked Stapler but lets move on. He may be back or not…..surely you all got better things to talk about?

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    Yes we probably have got ‘better’ things to talk about, maybe we just dont want to.

    Are you the ‘talk about something relevant and which has some importance police?’

    Well youre not handcuffing me.



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    Mo worries miz was a bit rude of me. (goes off to wash Police car instead).

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