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    I have another serious thing to say on the boards. Gucci (the married woman who spends 20 hours on chat every day chatting to some weird guy) says I am overweight and that I look chubby; and I think she’s right and I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. Therefore my target is to lose 1 stone in 4 weeks time. I will use this thread to keep a daily diary of progress. If anyone wishes to join me in this journey they are welcome to.


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    Commendable goal stapler…..go for it!

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    u are a fatty, not my words STAP but what i learn what other people like u say idiotily to me and others.


    A vegan diet would help you achieve your goal but it’s very tasteless so I’d go for a vegetarian 1 and I don’t think you’d go back after being 1 for a month


    That is quite a lot to lose in one month.  I want to go on holiday and need to lose weight too as concerned I will bring the plane down and possibly need more than one seat for my arse.

    Where did you get your bumbag and is it water resistant for going swimming with?


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    Stapler just don’t eat crap and do some exercise. Drink lots of water.

    Dieting can train your body to store fat when you stop, best to do it gently, make some small lifestyle changes and stick to them.

    You’re not really that overweight, a stone isn’t much, you’ll manage fine. Good luck x

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    Thanks all for messages of support. My starting weight today is 15 stone 6 pounds so the target is to get under 14 stone 7 pounds by 15th November.


    I lost a whole stone back in August on my cycling trip in just under 6 days. Cycled 510 miles and lived on Flap-jack and water mostly. I’m an extreme case so i don’t recommend doing what i do unless you consult a Dr. Point being though, weight loss is basically down to calories in versus calories out although… just can’t beat constant exercise, balanced with diet to really help lose and keep the weight down.

    The problem i see with just losing weight is that one loses weight but the body and mind doesn’t train it’s self to stay that way. And if one just starves one’s self…..the body shows it in it’s tone and form.

    Main thing about diets though firstly is to eat less. Second thing about diets is to exercise more….3rd thing about diets is to keep doing the first 2 disciplines.

    I’ve been a believer of exercise and diet since i was about…well, since i was a small boy. The funny thing is….if one does enough exercise…one can eat what one wants because the body just burns it off.

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    STAP how tall are u?

    i am 5,10 1/2 i am 15 stones 3 lbs, i have been for 1 m, i use to be 18 stones i lost all that, actully i am trying to put wight on.


    I think you’re beautiful just as you are x

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