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    And looking good GD.I used the same sort of thing on my wall,soooooo easy.Easy fill is the way forward in my book.


    Here are some of mine

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    few more

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    Very nice Ab,you have green fingers :good:

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    Love the statues my self somer…….nice lot of color all round though ( flower wise)  Why do you go to Toronto any way?


    I go to Toronto and Montreal Q. Montreal is a kicking city where you can party all night.Last time i was there i was lucky to get my mitts on tickets to see Madonna live at the bell center and then dinner at Jacques Villeneuve restaurant (Newtown) and on to a little Irish bar for a pint of french cider.And the casino where they run the Montreal F1 GP.

    As for Toronto its a great city,nice little lake to take a jetski out,the people are fantastic and one or two casinos and woodbine races.

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    Forgot to say i might have been born in Somerset but was made in Canada.In Bridgwater they call me Somerset Ben as i look like Ben Johnson (sprinter).If your ever in bridgwater pop into Bar27  or the Blake Arms and ask if Somerset Bens been in.The owners are like family.

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    Ah Somer,  you be away, dates again? I may secretly pop in your garden and Angelbabe and borrow some plants.

    Enjoy your holiday Also with your partner..X and if be with family…x

    Canada move on over boy coming for holiday/vacation. Cheers!


    [email protected] Johnson…i tend to avoid pubs in Somerset somer….some how…i didn’t think you were a true Somersetonian…..mind you, i wasn’t born in Somerset either…

    Hey linda…if you wil lsecretly pop in somers garden and borrow some plants…can you water them as well?…….LMAO RATF


    Well i guess could water some. Not sure how many I am leaving behind though.

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 31 total)

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