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    Tatler, sending you hugs, comfort, thoughts and wishes. Hoping that your head is held high and your coping, with your loss………….. Michael

    an inadequate thought……………….

    To say goodbye’s impossible forever,
    And yet we must too soon exchange goodbyes.
    No magnitude of love when someone dies
    Can manage the immensity of never.
    Yet even death cannot our bond sever
    Though you may rest somewhere beyond our sighs
    And all the talk of afterlife be lies.
    Eternity is our brief glimpse of ever.
    Even as each breeze must alter time
    And each unruly rock reshape the sea,
    So love lasts beyond our consciousness.
    Each pulse of life’s a piece of the sublime,
    A breath so full of grace it cannot be,
    A wave that ripples endlessly through darkness.

    your always in my thoughts Andrew



    What is up with Tats? x


    Andy that was beautiful …made me cry.


    Im very touched by your post Michael thank you xx


    :( not quite sure whats going on but ((((((huggs)))))) for you tats :) hope things look better soon.and mr mcnabb thats a lovely thing you did :)


    How lovely that someone cares so much about you Tatler to post these lovely words.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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