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    Really very good.


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    I’m not as keen on it as mizzy, but it’s ok


    I think my last post was too dismissive.

    it’s worth reading, I should say.

    It would be wrong to shrug it off..


    Dexy’s poems don’t appeal so much to me personally, but they’re intelligently written and must definitely appeal to many.


    i think dexy and  sceptical guy should stop worrying about impressing Sarah and be them selves….oh…just saying…..LOL


    Oh so you’ve noticed as well misterq? it’s very amusing watching them sniffing around Sarah’s cyber scent and trail she leaves behind, like dogs on heat 😀 Woof Woof !


    Q and morgan interesting comments about another.

    Perhaps u disappointed someone else not share a special poem for u both to read and hang the tongue out with. Sad u have to make sexual over tones on what u both sniff out supposedly. I assume, my opinion..

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    I’m sniffing around dexy as well as sarah.


    linda is absolutely right about the obsession of q and morgan with sexual shenanigans.

    I’m not saying I dont;’ engage in any, but that is my business, not the unemployed loafers of jc.

    I am very interested in poetry. So is sarah. So is dexy.

    We discuss the poems.

    And I’ll be writing another post soon.

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    Morgan, are you calling me stinky?



    Dex I love your poems as always, thery are beautifully written. Xoxo

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 19 total)

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