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    For all my fellow Americans here a very Happy Thanksgiving and a fun full feast. However prices going up, Fauci says only vaccinated get together, Black Friday started early, omg gas and fuel prices up as well. So what else new? Busy travel season and nutters already clogging the highways. Now that the norm atleast and packed grocery stores.

    One pray always passed around meal time is “What u thankful for?” Family, friends, life, the normal most often said. So many things happening here in the States think Peace would be nice, moving away from covid, and just moving on. Will it ever be the same?

    So I wish and pray this Thanksgiving even for our U.k. friends, peace and blessings hope things get better. Food on your plates, shelter to keep you warm, smile even if low, and knowing your not alone. Cheers!



    We’ve got enough American shit here as it is

    so keep it in America
    Is milk maid still in prison?


    Tracy u what we call here, TRASH. So stick it up urs! GOBBLE GOBBLE FRUIT CAKE..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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