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    Each poster gets a line of a story, they can take the story anywhere by using one line each.  I will post one line of a story and each chatter will follow.

    He looked at the rain falling against his window, the cat snuggled into him, his thoughts went to her and he wondered where she was right now………………….


    A smile came to his lips as he remembered that fateful day they had first met, when she tripped and literally landed in his lap on the train, and the beautiful green eyes that stared up at him apologetically…………………


    And the smell of stale tobacco will haunt him for quite a while


    Perish the thought!! He might even be exterminated  for smoking :)


    He had tried so quit so very many times.  Her kiss so pure so wet and tasted like the sweetest rose.  He cursed himself and his stinky clobber. He felt ashamed!  Like a dirty wetwipe cast asunder into the abyss of all things putrid and anti sniff worthy.  His memories tortured hounded and haunted him – then the doorbell rang?


    It was the postman! He delivered a letter that said ‘no one will bother commenting on this really good thread as no one likes mizzy and they are pathetic and listen to gossip and lies!’ So he sat down with his paper for 1o minutes as he only had ten minutes to spare as Nicole Kidman was waiting for him and he needed to catch a plane to Portugal with a nicotene patch on his arm.

    His only hope was that he would make the trip before his account would be deleted and could tell everyone about it.





Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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