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    I think that maybe this poem only makes any sense  to me lol


    The Garden Shed


    Here I stand at the end of the garden full up and neglected

    I hold your old trophies and gardening tools but am  I respected?

    No, I just stand here weathering the rain my wood looking rotten

    I take up quite a big space on your lawn or have you forgotten?

    Oh yeah im just here doing favours for you every day

    But do I want to stand here holding what you wont throw away?

    Maybe I want to grow some legs and open up my door?

    And throw out all this rubbish you should have thrown out  before?

    Hording all this stuff inside until  the month of never?

    I know a shed is convenient to have but let me tell you

    I hold more inside me that you would ever want to

    And Im not sitting here until the day you decide

    When its time to surface what you are trying to hide

    Tidy me up you know youre lazy and youve had time

    Stop chilling by the moonlight and drinking that wine

    I wont wait forever as im rotting in the rain

    And I dont count excuses that youre unhappy or in pain

    Clean me out because its way overdue

    And im not waiting for forever not even for you

    Get off your backside and for gods sake clean me out!!

    If you cannot do whats necessary you can damn well do without


    Copywrite SER ©

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    It’s a good poem, means something different to whoever is reading it.

    To me, it’s talking to oneself, using the garden shed as the image for what you’ve dumped in your life, telling yourself it can be sorted later, but it just grows more fll of past memories and problems which fade with time but never go away.

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    Youre so wise xx

    You have an amazing mind xxx

    Not many impress but you always do xx

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    I once had a home in a shed, it was a friends house..even had a bed. Had a key to the house but was told to be silent as a mouse. For a month i lived there, in the house, my feet were always bare.

    All i can really say is i’ll never forget the deed, ’cause there were even books in the shed i could read.

    But more than this….some do things out of necessity, some do things ’cause they must……

    I’d like to say with 100 percent conviction this friend did it for me out of trust.

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    I had an ex who lived in a shed on the golf club where he worked for a while after i threw him out.

    Not advisable.



    I didn’t live in the shed because i got kicked out…….i lived there because i moved to a new town and the council wouldn’t give me a place….they weren’t even moved by my pout. LOL


    Did you feel sorry for him though Sarah and give him a spare pair of trousers in case he got a hole in one?


    No i told him to stop shoving cocaine up his nose or he would have to stay in the shed Misterq.



    Did he just say no though or carry on?

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