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    I agree babbles x

    Like you said earlier, to indulge the attention seeker is to make them feel that they are significant when we both know that they are not x

    I think this is why you are a genius x

    Always so wise and nearly always right ;)

    But not always lol xx


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    LOL we’ll settle for close enough

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    Always good knowing at least one genius x


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    You are a Genius too Sarah, it takes one to know one 😍


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    Your lovely Mizz. Never let anyone get you to the point that your doubting yourself. I used to do that. People who call you out not knowing you because they don’t want to know you, they only want the gossip. I have left jc for a few days break.Not that I have let anyone or clique chase me away,just sometimes your brain gets fried lol. You just miss the nice folkeys tho.I have heard your getting a rough time, hope your coping ok.Bbs  tc x

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    Jamie you’re also lovely x


    wow Jamie x

    I am so thankful grateful and appreciative of that message.

    The other day GE was so kind to me in PM

    I am sorry to you Jamie and to you GE

    being understood means the world to me

    thank you

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    If one under stands…does that mean that one spends less time sitting down? Under sitting….LOL

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    I just enjoyed a lovely breakfast chatting to my best mate Sarah on skype.

    Say what you like about our Mizzy but the womans stunning.

    No one Id rather be looking at whilst I enjoy my croissant and coffee.

    Her pictures don’t do her justice.

    I’m thinking with her inner and outer beauty, she may just be my perfect woman.




    Thank you x


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Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 31 total)

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