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    Doa, I am not interested in googled pics hun bun xxx (or any other pics I was taking the piss).

    Or economy 7 or any of the other fake energy-saving shite posted on this thread. Address it to Skeletor and not to me.

    I have been carbon neutral for well over five years. Some talk. Some do it.


    Thanks x




    Oh and DOA, don’t shovel down too many packs of those “mixed nuts” each day because they are EXTREMELY fattening. You would be better off eating 6 small meals a day if you are getting hunger pangs.





    Not turning on your heating dont make you carbon neutral….just cheap Ge  B-)

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    Dear fishy

    Thanks again for the effort you made in raising an important subject and making a contribution in the fight against climate change.

    Rock on heat pumps eh.




    Air source heat pumps also have the problem that their (outdoor) radiators freeze is cold weather, so they have to run an electric heater (outdoors) to keep melting the ice. This lowers their cold weather efficiency even more, I imagine it might even make it negative (You have to put more energy into stopping the radiator freezing then it can extract from the cold air).

    I did some more reading on this and it seems that you can avoid this issue on reversable heat pumps (ones that also work as air conditioners) by reversing the flow and using heat inside the house to melt the ice.

    So it should always be at least a tiny bit more efficient than resistive electric heating unless its about -20C outside.


    Thank you Mr Fishy. Very kind to reply and provide a very useful and thought out response 👍

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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