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    A few chatters have messaged me who think they have been banned because they haven’t been able to get in on their usual IP.  I know for a fact they haven’t been banned or gagged!  I’m sorry I have no answers.

    Since I have been back as a ForumHost I have only banned two members one was by mistake the other not.  I emailed straight away about the one mistake and though I can’t do a thing other than I have done already they will probably bang on about it for years to come but Hey ho.

    The other was banned for many reasons and good riddance!

    Now I have no idea why some people are having trouble logging in and chatting, it’s as though their IP has banned but yet I’m absolutely sure they have not by any of the Guides or Hosts. Can anyone throw a light on this for me, I’m a tad thick. Does doa have the answer or maybe smarties?


    As you all know and have been warned that due to the brainless spamming and vile type that goes on in ForumOne many, many, numbers have been and shall be banned and gagged instantly when deemed appropriate (in other words for the uneducated, when a Guide or Host is on a mission to close this superfluous room the idiots shall be removed). JC rules apply when me and other Hosts and Guides are around.

    When those brainless idiots spam we now cannot see which number is doing it so all have to go for the sake of the members who wish to chat in an ADULT way.

    I really don’t wish to sound condescending but the childish behaviour of a minority is bringing this community down.


    I came back as a ForumHost to ban a few spammers nothing more, nothing less, didn’t realise how bad things were. I can’t do this alone, no one can.


    I don’t want this place to fail, and nor do you.


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    It’s a shame tbh because not all the numbers are idiots and the rest just spoil it for them and yes some of them well most of them need banning because of the vile language they continue to use which is probably the same person changing a number it’s a shame you cant ban there ips might help with the situation because this chatroom used to be funny and you could have some good banter going but now people take it way too serious or they’re trying to get one over on someone which is rather petty and sad hopefully things will get better .

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    Janey it is how is it and no one knows who is who and it’s only a fool who spends time thinking they know! It’s up to you lot to bring it back !




    Suggestions in bullet-point format cause thats the way kenty likes it:

    • kick em all out if they don’t have a name
    • make it free to register for traceability
    • limit the amount of accounts someone can have or can apply for in a year either from IP or email address or cross referencing from other forms of ID
    • do verification checks in the background for new joiners
    • change the code in the background to stop people being able to abuse/spam by bypassing the system
    • maybe the spammer or abuser is competition for this site and trying to close it down?

    other than that, enjoy your life, its way too short to spend all your useful hours spamming a chat room!

    Mids  B-)   :mail:

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