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    I’m watching (day-time-TV), and I am looking at Ruth, she looks ok, but if I look at her neck she looks old… Is this the giveaway for older people, your neck gives it away yeah… At what age does your neck start grassing up on you, and does the same thing happen for men…

    Thanks, p.s. I like older women…

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    youre not that young yourself, just as well.



    My necks a dead giveaway, its like a Scrotum. These are the things that come with age.

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    oh Jamie lol I’m sure your neck is fine xxxxxxxx


    Your feet are the first giveaway.

    Rossano Brazzi, the star of South Pacific and a real pinup, was photographed naked on the set, his lithe body curling round in a manner which apparently sent some women crazy with desire.


    But if you looked at his feet, then you would see the first signs of ageing.


    I am talking veins!!


    They are the first signs of ageing,, me lovely lads and lasses. Check it out.

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    You don’t have to bully me Mizzy

    youre not that young yourself, just as well.


    hmm i have notice smokers and people who drink alco look like they are older than they are like really old,  not all smokers and alco drinkers, just the ones i know in person, also the ones i know in person seem to have memory probs ect………


    My necks a dead giveaway, its like a Scrotum. These are the things that come with age.) – hmm i say something like that, i say “we will all look like testicles one day”

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    I smoke and I drink and my neck is fine.

    I have worry lines on my forehead had them for years apart from that I’m not overly liney for my age so that isn’t true for every drink/smoker Justnothing.

    I am not ‘bullying’ you King I just felt you criticism of Ruth was a bit unnecessary and your comment that you like ‘older women’ insinuates that you are yourself a ‘younger man’.  Are you saying you like women in their sixties cos I’m afraid to have to inform you that Linda is already spoken for x.  Lets hope she doesn’t have a ruthie neck or the next thread you start may include her.

    Pet hate of mine is men of any age critisting older women as if they are perfect and can ‘score’ themselves a young chick.  Why would a beautiful young woman go for a man so much older than her unless he is loaded and has heart condition?

    Likewise why would a young man go for a woman with ‘turkey neck’ and old lady spots and no teeth etc.??

    Its an odd world and there is always the possibility  that people (WHO ARE NOT SHALLOW) will be attracted to people purely for their personalities otherwise no unattractive or old or fat person would ever get laid.  And may be some men/women will have a hangy neck/arse/boob/ball sack fetish.   I think Ruth looks good and maybe you should look at her chubby old husband before judging her on her looks.  Maybe they just love eachother and accept eachother for who and what they are.

    Turkey neck/ paunch/ greying hair, bald head AND ALL.

    We could also GENERALISE and say you can tell women are old cos of their necks, you can also tell that younger men will be  and are crap in bed because, oh yeah they are young and have no idea what they are doing,

    How does that work for you.

    Whats good for the goose.



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    Funny I agree with everything you said sairs



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    Hee, this thread funny. I think all of us age differently if you will, but do agree that some have contributing factors…

    Feet umm, never thought of those.

    Justnothing has good points about alcohol and smoking as it is known to provide toxins in health of our system.

    Forehead lines are contributing factors to eyes squinting..too much close work, reading, computer, ophthalmologist will say many need glasses at this point….of those wrinkles.

    Neck, well some issues loss of weight, skin aging.

    Me, like to say hands.. As my fingers long thin, last year noted drying up more, some lines. Hee……No age spots, thank goodness but heard can get them. I use my hands much with hobbies and work, so will let u know. Haaaaa

    To be continued…………..

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