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    Anyone who argues democracy exists here in the UK (or any resemblance of democracy) lives in cloud cuckoo land.

    ‘Cuckoo Cuckoo’. 💁


    An FPTP two-party state that is two cheeks of the same arse. A political class that is made up of predominantly careerist Spads, or PPE grads, lawyers, Oxbridge educated, etc all liberal and a large % who have no real-life experience outside their exclusive liberal enclaves in leafy green suburbia.

    A powerful liberal middle class who alongside the liberal corporate-driven MSM waged an unprecedented campaign in modern politics to ‘fix’ the result of the election in 2019 with the goal to remove Corbyn completely from the UK political landscape it controls with an iron fist (or tries to and mostly succeeds) and a political landscape that has been created solely to meet the requirements of the liberal middle class at the expense of everyone else.

    Affordable housing. Decent schools. Decent hospitals. Decent jobs. A decent welfare system. Less crime. A fit for purpose criminal justice system. Etc. None of which exists among disadvantaged socio-economic groups.

    Covid put a spanner in the works but is also an excellent example to irrefutably demonstrate democracy is non-existant in the UK. Fatalities among disadvantaged social-economic groups in the UK are higher than anywhere else on this planet (or on a par) and whatever the political systems in place. The fifth wealthiest nation on earth.

    The self-righteous liberal middle class have been squealing with outrage that UC is not fit for purpose now that they have had to go through hoops and barriers to apply for it. When they squealed it was not enough to live on the tory regime immediately handed over another £20 a week and which will be removed once that liberal middle-class return to work. The disabled on legacy benefits are not entitled to that £20 and so where exactly is the outrage and furore from that liberal middle class now? Last year around 6 out of 10 Covid deaths were in fact among the disadvantaged disabled community. The liberal class were also less exposed because they could work their non-jobs from home and with more space larger gardens etc.

    The various strands of the liberal class united after the election in 2017 after Corbyn came so close to forming a progressive alliance. All hues of that self-entitled liberal class immediately united behind the largest media distortion in British political history. The Guardian, the BBC, the Independent, the FT, the Mirror and the entire corporate MSM played their part by churning out a false and misleading negative narrative about Corbyn for two + years (and before then). The Blairite faction who still control all the bureaucracy within the labour machine actively and secretly worked to ensure Corbyn lost the 2019 election. 80% of online tory ads were false and misleading in the run-up to that election.

    Just remember that when the usual suspects are churning out their propaganda, that it is easily disproven and that empty vessels make the most noise.


    Democracy my erse!




    A very well written and researched article in an excellent blog, if you have 15 minutes spare, to get a real feel for how anti-Semitism was weaponised against Corbyn and the labour left before, during and after both the elections in 2107 and 2019. You will notice the likes of the Guardian play a major role.


    The Guardian revealed its true face in sacking a columnist for criticising US military aid to Israel





    The depths these savages will stoop to has no ceiling (oxymoron).


    “The witch hunt has come for Ken Loach”



    A well-respected filmmaker who confronts poverty, homelessness, and labor rights etc in his works and a prominent left-winger and activist.


    Massive support for Ken Loach


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    Liberal, Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg with a personal fortune in excess of £100 million, states poverty and hardship in northern working-class communities is “balderdash”.

    The BBC, this is supposed to be a state broadcaster there to serve all of us but which has criminalized 100s 1000s of young people for non-payment of its license and who completely ignored his comment and instead responded to another comment Rees-Mogg made about “eating baked beans with Weetabix.”



    “The 2019 General Election was marred by what leading fact-checking organisations and some journalists have characterized as unparalleled disinformation. It took place against the backdrop of acute political instability and uncertainty over how to deal with Britain’s looming departure from the European Union, an unraveling health crisis, and the climate emergency. It was described by all parties as a seismic election in terms of the significance and urgency of the issues at stake.”








    “This research project provides a sound and theoretically informed analysis of the various (or unison) media representations of the rise of Jeremy Corbyn as a candidate for the Labour leadership and of him as the new leader of the largest opposition party in the UK…”

    “Our analysis shows that Corbyn was thoroughly delegitimised as a political actor from the moment he became a prominent candidate and even more so after he was elected as party leader, with a strong mandate. This process of delegitimisation occurred in several ways: 1) through lack of or distortion of voice; 2) through ridicule, scorn, and personal attacks; and 3) through association, mainly with terrorism.”










    political ideals are always sought ad never reached. for what is perfect for one can be seen as extremely distasteful or even morally wrong by another. Democracy is essentially one vote per person for all citizens of legal age. (Totally disagree allowing children to vote..if your not old enough to be legally send to jail or called up for armed service in time of need..your not old enough to get involved in adult things that  affect us all)  And to affordable housing. there is no such thing unless we are talking about say a mobile home or caravan etc as land .building costs are way outside of many lower class possibilities and driven higher each year by  population expansion with limited land making these with funds and property in perfect place to gain form others  lack of fortunes in life. Many  breed far beyond the means they have of. affording and sustaining their offspring. rewarded by system that  does not apply restrictions thus adding to housing  difficulties and other issues like welfare.  We will always see long diatribes by left wing liberals, often well heeled and not really involved in street life and lower classes in real life spouting free education. medical care .housing and and quoting UK as 5th wealthiest in world ignoring fact it is trillions in debt and on verge of becoming a banana republic. such rose tinted glasses and views on others are nice on paper but fail in real world much as communism does and socialism is doing now.  Enough said.  no doubt a heavy flame throwing session against my ( poor working class background and life etc) will ensue as my views do not fall in line with their own liberal ..laurel throwing and perfect ideals on why Uk is such a bad place in world!  of course thought of leaving us never occur to them!  :mail:

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    My word.

    So many words!


    GerryGerry – use pictures next time. It’s so much easier.

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