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    These type of men I call ” the magic mirror men “, because they seem to possess an inner looking-glass which tells them that they are, indeed, the fairest of them all. How did these type of  men become so self-deluded? Until very recently it was impossible for them to earn a living without skivvying or leaning on their ever suffering mothers to meet all their needs. Why else do ugly men not feel ridiculous passing judgment on the attractiveness, or otherwise, of women? You see these pathetic characters posting rubbish on social media anything with a platform to spew out their utter shyte on the  suffering public. Mum did a really good job on them:) We see magic mirrored men daily bearing T shirts with logos for eg ” NO FAT UGLY CHICKS.”or silly B/W football shirts with beer bellies spilling over their ill fitted jeans. But he will have no doubt that all women between the ages of 16 and 61 are waiting in an agony of exquisite anticipation to find out if he thinks them attractive. Some Bald men often feel ashamed and inferior.Freudians used to argue that a man’s hair symbolized his penis, so losing one’s hair amounted to symbolic castration. Here’s how to get over it!! Piss off, stop making yourself look more uglier for starters. Join a support group for magic mirrored men ” mum will pay ” Buy a good quality wig. The best advertisement for hairpieces I ever saw featured a smiling woman running her fingers through a man’s hair. Above them the headline promised, “By the time she finds out, she won’t care.”

    No real men were used in the making of the above post   :whistle:



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    that is so true Sophie i agree with you  :yes:    :yes:   :yes:


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    I also agree with the wise and wonderful Sophia.


    Sophia..u and I have ALWAYS got along and I so have appreciated our chats and pictures shared. X

    If I may however, forgive me as your post is your’s,WOMAN here are very very ugly..

    Just saying. NOT ALL as so many beauty in as well as out, as not (not seen close up..hee) but I consider beauty eye of beholder anyway!

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