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    That budha is actually Morg.

    Seems feasible when you look at the evidence.

    Morg was here 24/7 Abusing the most vile of things against regs.

    Obviously doesn’t have a job and lives off the state.

    Obviously hyperactive due the amount of time he used to scroll and spam.
    Couldn’t have showered very often.

    Thought he had power over the whole room, only to be now thwarted by the new rules of no numbers allowed.
    If you were him wouldn’t you think oh shyte I have no where to go, no one to talk to and if I want to stay in JC after that evil ForumHostLD got all the numbers banned, I’ll have to  get a new persona and pretend to be Mr Nicey, Nicey!

    The Jury’s out on that one, I know what I think.

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    Well there’s something none of us knew  ;-)


    Well madjic may be a joint holder once had with another. But stick around. Observe closer. Female for sure most often. So 2 for price of one perhaps. Ummm. Something to consider.  And I agree with Mr. Fishy. Lol.. He may be a catfish but he swirls and moves.



    Could even be our Scottish Vodka gal too. Combined effort. They were pals. Cosy fed her..she fed him. That I know


    I had an interesting pm about all this….sick of all the game playing….just come into the room and chat!

    LD is not evil! She is getting a lot of flack for being vocal about something lots of chatters wanted… abuse!

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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