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    I will write the first line of the poem, the next chatter gets to decide the next line, if it rhymes with the first or it does not making the next person rhyme with the first line or the second and so on.  Be creative and find your niche.  Its just a bit of fun.  If the threads die like misterqs then don’t ever say no one tried to bring life to these threads lol.


    Exciting inviting and ready to explode, a wonder deep under


    Just in time, we can share the thunder


    muted, i am torn asunder



    For it made a noise like no other,

    And stopped my breath like a muther!


    yet rent the sky asunder . light flashing forth and reaching to  depths we wonder. :mail:


    we wonder about JustH the absconder – sitting in the depths with a transponder.


    Thunder asunder a communication blunder, will anyone respond to the transponder I wonder?


    let me ponder ….


    Don’t be so candor and try to land her,


    She’s back ever more blander. For you I will hand her!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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