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    Basic VIP

    99p one time only £1.99 per month
    £19.99 per year
    (cancel anytime

    as you can see i see no free option despite it being advertised


    I think free member ship involves registering your email and having an account where you can have friends, show your activity, pm others and go on message boards paigey. Seems like you already have that.

    I have V.I.P, it means you can have this signature thingey…(write a speech under your name) and get priority assistance by Martin, Admin etc.

    Even with a V.I.P member ship…i have found that i suddenly have to log in some days. I put it down to security measures in place.

    Feel free to add any thing any one or correct me if i’m wrong in any way. Good to see you paigey.

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    At the end of the day, a yearly membership is a nice thing if you come on the site and use it, one weekend alone coming on and playing youtube songs and chatting with members is nice, a bargain really, support the site and enjoy…

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    Supreme Overload Paigey..

    I agree the advertisement of the site can be confusing through offer. Being here a few months, in a way, it may help the ability to stop those who falsely use multinames when bonding/gaining or building relationship. This myself have learned…often putting me on defense not knowing who is real or not, or who think communicating with. Can be extremely frustrating. So it will stop that suppose..good thing.


    Paigey is a very nice girl and great friend of mine.

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    Good feeling to be liked and have friends. She is then extra lucky to have you here with her while chatting with other jc chatter discussions.
    Geez know how it feels to be placed on chopping block, put on defensive, and myself becoming out of control. Hurts when people simply put out ignore this one, that one. Agree if nothing to offer or say nice, do not bother. But personally will never not respond to those who may have questions for me, want to cut me up. Continually try to take away discomfort for them perhaps provided by me.


    To be honest and i don’t say this lightly..this really is a great site. But it’s not all about the site as the community makes the site what it is and will be. Think not always of what the site can do for you but what you can do for the site and those in it to make it even greater than it already is.

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    Yes agree. Many times frustrated and hurt, even wanting to walk away, say goodbye for good. Someone said to me once jc can be little addictive. Agree. Strong will/determination, relaxing engaging with some as like yourself, found like to pop in when low or down, see new ideas focused on or turned around in a day from my distance. So JC is often on my “good list for day”, check in…see what’s up, new….
    Ha ha….

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    Your a great friend of mine Linda. Wherever you are.


    Access is free if you don’t want to register a chat name.

    If you want a chat name, you need to pony up the sum of 99p for lifetime registration.

    Charging a nominal amount doesn’t make me or the site any money. It does, however, help ensure all new members are genuine, reduces duplicate registrations, and helps identify members. The ultimate outcome is less abuse, a more robust banning procedure, and a more positive community.

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