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    Blimey Linda for one so smart you do appear to have a very short fuse.

    Just an observation. :bye:

    1 brick short of a house bow lol lol


    Why?????? just why????


    Linda is a great friend of mine.I got a very short fuse. So what? If one knows some one has a short fuse then one has more accountability not to provoke in my opinion.

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    why still

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    Being here for a few months and my observations of the many posting in several areas, can tell you only what I feel personally.

    Entertainment provided for the lonely. Control over those who are most down and weak,very vulnerable, hurting, sad, so forth. Use those to disrupt what may be nice postings, contribution of thoughts, ideas. Maybe even jealous seeking attention, only way know how… behavior which applied not only here but most likely real relationships, coworkers, family members. Some do not do it all the time because of reasons stated here, perhaps occasionally. Those do not concern me. It is the ones who constantly follow you personally around in threads, disrupt constantly making you look like the troll, which in fact your not as the other person makes you say and do things on defense. Make sense. Then those whom come in not familiar what is happening to you do not understand, and still try to defend actions. Then it is no longer the 1 who constantly attacks you, but others now drawn into the plan to make you look and feel you are a troll, which out of your hands in first place. This has happened several times with me..
    My problem however is use to have great deal of patience, still do… but when so low, too much on my plate, feel challenged, hurting so bad mentally or physically I admit do not think or rationalize over situation, come in to frontal attack. So not like my personality. So lowering myself here, when get off, feel guilty of my actions, and question my own stupidity knowing what did wrong in first place. I let that person have freedom to hurt me even more. And I am sure that person knows did it and won…
    As you see maybe, I never try to give up easily, even if have. But when more relaxed, focus, “Gone With the Wind words, frankly my dear don’t give a dam….I am back, so bring it on.” Hee hee…
    Be well. Heh, need a scone recipe…you forget? Has to be extra soft now. Having unpleasant surgery tomorrow and very upset about it at noon… miss you posting.


    It’s better to remain silent & thought a fool – than type & remove all doubt. :scratch:

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    I will remember words of wisdom provided here.
    Thank you…


    I was always told by some one important to me years ago…..if you got nothing to say…don’t say it.


    If the cap fits …..  B-)


    The best revenge is happiness.

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