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    Thanks to Milkman of human kindness for his comment the other day……seems like we got at least 2 members of JC doing cycling trips this summer so i feel it deserves a thread. Any one want to talk about their cycling activities or just bikes in general…we would love to hear your thoughts, plans and goals.

    Any one else just want to talk about where you’ve been on holiday this summer or are going…..feel free to talk about it or show pictures after you’ve come back and tell us of your experience(s)

    Enjoy the summer every one and every other season to be honest but summer is a time of action as among other things, the daylight hours are the best to plan longer distance trips…possibly the weather as well but that does it’s own thing these days.


    I’d like to get back out on a bike, I need to buy one, I have a claud butler racer but it’s about 8 years old now and in a bad shape rusted in the shed. Been exercising on a exercise bike and elliptical trainer, but you cant beat going on some nice bike trips, even along the canals and stuff.

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    I’d like a brand new 1970s style 20″ wheel ladies shopper  bike with sturmey archer gears please x


    Well if not this month, April. Wanted to come sooner, but iternary of what want and available little different. November lst paid and will be booked. Still moving around. Was going to do few months from now, but since thread up, maybe check. Think 11 day tour.

    So first some hotels, what you think of them…
    Hilton Kensington
    Hotel 53
    Jury’s Inn

    1st day, Ibis Earls Court
    2 night. Arrive, rest

    3rd day-
    London, Windsor, Bath, Gloucester

    4th Gloucester, Chester, Liverpool

    5th liverpool- lake district, Gretna Green, Glasgow

    6th Glasgow, Scottish Highlands.

    7th Scottish Highlands, St. Andrews 2 nights

    8 Edinburgh, free time

    9 Edinburgh, York, Bradford

    10 Bradford, Stratford, upon Avon, London

    But still working out as goal was England, Wales, Scotland..So may be extended time, more days.

    So how do so far?
    Please only serious responses. This trip expensive. Using my parents favorite travel guides Trafalgar…

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    Wow! That’s some trip Linda..awesome!

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    Yeah, very very long time having a true holiday away, free of the rat races. Letting hair down, fun, dinner, sight seeing, single and ready to party…. breathe on a beautiful scenic hill top, and cry at a early morning sunrise, or sunset….majestic

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    Hi King…i’ve had a few Claude Butler bikes over the years. Nice solid and reliable machines. I have a few different bikes, one of which is in my turbo – trainer in the garage as the weather has been so bad lately. Doing about 30 miles a day in the garage and on the road as I still have a long trip to do which I have been attempting for the last 5 years . Down to Land’s End in Cornwall and back.

    Lovely M.T.B ing it down the canals as well. Beautiful scenery. Wildlife…always plenty to see and it’s mostly flat as well so one can cruise quite comfy.

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    i dont give a fuk about certion law, people on bikes should be allowed on the path


    I remember Sturmey Archer gears tinks . Usually 3 gears. Nightmare going down slopes and hills as third gear was never fast enough so one had to just let the bike glide down hill until it got slow enough to pick up the speed again with the pedals but obviously still a much faster mode of transport and less tiring than walking every where.


    Are you referring to canal paths or pavements Just? Canal paths are totally legal to cycle down, obviously being respectful of walkers and dogs etc. Technically, pavements are illegal unless designated cycle paths but most people seem to still ride on  the pavements any way on the more out of ‘inner town areas’

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