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    I just wanted to say a public goodbye to all the nice folk I have chatted to on this site especially those that helped me through my health issues this year, one kind lady messaged me every day I was in hospital and is now a very close friend who I will be visiting for the first time next month, she really is an angel, bless her…..

    I have had lots of laughs on the site and the guides have been amazing, they really don’t deserve all the hassle they get, and yes all the moaners can call me an arse licker, never bothered me then and it wont now…..

    I have found somewhere else that I can have a laugh and it appears so have many others from here so I will be in good company……

    You only have one life so don’t let the bastards get you down, live each day as if its your last, keep smiling folks and goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  :yahoo:   :yahoo: :yahoo:


    Welcome back kazza👍

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    It’ll die just like all the rest

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