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    Sad news
    R.i.p :cry:


    very sad news :cry:
    RIP tintin xxxx


    Sad news – my thoughts are with friends and family.

    Snugz would be waiting for him in heaven to take him by the hand and show him the ropes xx

    A good man and a good heart xx


    Lovely man … fabulous sense of humour … beautiful soul.

    God bless


    and God bless such wonderful friends to offer such support.


    So very sad. RIP x


    i found this poem on tinnys facebook, it made me smile it was something he wrote himself

    If I die tonight in my sleep
    My soul is Satans, his to keep
    And laying there in me bed,
    I know I’ll die a Metalhead

    With a firm m/ in the crowd
    Play that metal, play it loud
    Content in slumber, caring not
    Dreams of Iron Maiden and Slipknot

    Ill die with questions
    But only two I’ll ask
    Can I rock this joint
    Can I kick some ass


    rip tinny, you will be missed :( xxxx


    thank you all im sure tinny would be touched by all your messages xxx


    Sad news

    RIP Tintin

    Suffer no more

    x x x


    Rip tinny hunni im going miss u dearly u was one great friend god bless u xxxxxxxxxx

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 40 total)

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