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    e.What a wanderful Britan we would live in if it was just gypsies that commited break ins.What a stuped post from you again.

    I don’t think you’re qualified to be labelling anything as stupid tbh Jamie do you?


    No coincidence that you are enraged at a gypo being killed if you are one yourself Jaime, hardly an unbiased view is it?  There was a good reason the public were outraged by Martin being jailed and a good reason why he was let out early being praised by many not condemned. If I found someone in my house I’d do exactly the same as would many people. A 16 year old isnt a 6 year old , you can get married at 16 and its above the criminal age of responsibility- Bolgers killers were ten yet condemned as knowing right from wrong , this lad knew the risks of entering an old mans house.

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    Why,s that now Rudy?


    Why,s that now Rudy?

    because you have the mental age of a 6 year old why else? Creepy sceptical may slither off into the sunset because of your gender. I’ll call a spade a spade … thats a metaphor Jaime before you start accusing me of calling you a pack of cards.  :good:


    I too call a spade a spade .wouldent matter to me who it was,id still feel the same about it.Lol i have no doubt you would,id hope you would warn them first though.Fire a warning shot,tell them you have a gun and will use it.He had no intention of doing that.He told a pack of lies to the police.He knew what he had done.The public never knew the whole storey.I do think that because the boy was a gypsie,you would have had people like yourself shouting for freedom for Martin.He had evry right to kill the filthy vermin gypo.The fact of the matter was he was charged and convicted for murder.

    If i had a break in and had to defend myself i would yes.I would be terrefied.I am not desputing that at all.There was a case not long ago where a man was defending himself and he killed one of the people that broke in to his house.The man was terrefied for his life and his wife.He was threghtend he had to fight back.He had to defend himself.


    An english mans home is his castle as the saying goes.Should we let our castles be taken?


    t.Lol i have no doubt you would,id hope you would warn them first though.Fire a warning shot,tell them you have a gun and will use it.

    Possibly so , although Im not a gun fan so would have opted for either a clawhammer or shovel over the head. The latter kills two birds with one stone as it can be used for the burial.


    An english mans home is his castle as the saying goes.Should we let our castles be taken?

    Should we murder because because opertunity knocks?Evry ones home is there castle and no one should break in.



    It’s actually an interesting scenario and moral dilemma. If I caught a scared skinny 16 year old boy in my kitchen would I batter him or would I hold him securely but safely until the police arrived and would the police in the current climate of austerity be arsed even attending anyway. Round my way for petty crime they often give a crime reference number out on the phone and don’t attend immediately, or at all.

    If I caught a cocky 16 year old career criminal in my kitchen who was built like a brick sh*thouse and I feared for my own life or the safety of family members, what levels of violence would I be prepared to use, whether any violence had been threatened against me or my family or not, at that point. I know or know off feral youths who would steal anything they can get their grubby little mitts on and have no social conscience whatsoever. I also know for a fact that in parts of the North victims of crime will contact a local hardman to deal with it rather than wasting their time with the police.

    I suspect that ‘street justice’ will become a lot more prevalent over the next few years as “real austerity” starts affecting more and more areas.

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    Exactley that happend to my mate.She lived alone,heard a noise in the kitchen one day.She opend the door and was face to face with a young man.He made up a silly excuse that he thought he was supposed to go there for a party.He stole her watch.She sed nothing to him and he left.Ofcorse he was a junkie and was rooteling about looking for anything he could sell.She must have been so scared.She dident even go to the police.I would have done the same until he left,damd sure id have went to the police.

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