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    I realise that some of us live in cities,,towns,villages,even hamlets
    but we all have to go shopping at sometime
    so not counting the superstores on the edges of town
    where you can get everything in one shop
    what is your actual high st like
    where I live,i cant say im enamoured by it
    ive been to a lot worse tbh, but its just that I feel theres something lacking
    or is it that monopoly feeling
    all high streets are the same,theres mcdonalds,theres w.h smiths,oh look theres boots
    you could never be lost
    what I like/yearn for is the olde worlde traditional high st/shops
    and I do visit them,mainly on the east lancs/n yorks border and you’ve still got your home made sausage shops,butchers,pie shops,off licences,chippies,country pubs etc
    rather than all this drab commercial nonsense
    any of yous got an interesting shopping/high st?


    I know what you mean …. local individual shops are finding it increasingly difficult to survive….. its global companies now too not just our own national chains. I usually shop in Harrogate still a few nice independents there… and I must admit Harrogate council ensure shopping in the town is a pleasure…..lovely town.


    Not just small shops. Our medium sized Sainsbury’s with free and easy parking is going to be replaced by a huge superstore supplemented by loads of ‘local’s.

    I hate the huge supermarkets, and am suspicious of the small ‘local’ and ‘express’-type ones.

    The modern world . . . . . .


    i dont like eastbourne high street or the arndale ……….its full of the usual shops…….next, new look, select, bhs, m&s, boots, river island and the list goes on…… we all look the same, smell the same ……….all the young women look the same from the back……is that you-know-who?…………no but it’s the 15th lookalike we’ve seen so far :roll:

    i now prefer to go out of town………..for something that’s got a bit of uniqueness to it


    I went to my local town yesterday only to discover 2 more shops closed down. Dorothy Perkins/Burtons and the T-mobile shop. Was gutted because I wanted a new phone…flipping typical. We are a stones throw away from Bluewater and have done well to survive. We have a good selection of shops considering the competition they face. The T-mobile shop in Bluewater is a franchise and does not offer the full benefits of purchases etc from a proper T-mobile shop which is annoying.
    Charity shops seems to be popping up left right and centre though.


    Just heard that Blockbuster have gone into administration :D


    @mrs_teapot wrote:

    Just heard that Blockbuster have gone into administration :D

    hedge ya bets that waterstones and staples will be on the list-of-doom :roll:


    In my local town there is the best little department store that has not lost it’s identity. Think Grace Brothers with their own Mrs Slocombe and Mr Humphreys. It is family run and nothing is too much trouble.

    I love going in the lift and hearing ” First floor womenswear, food and cookware “

    Brings back so many memories

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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