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    awaits this pic of you in your speedos…. :good:


    You can bet your boots on your own pursuits  :good:




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    great song and poetry :good:

    But…..if you post yourself in will i x

    Come onnnn do not be shy :heart:


    I’m still waiting for that pic tree  :rose:




    I’d like to wager, this is the only photo of tree and speedos you’re gonna get!

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    lol longname looks like im going to have to post myself in my budgie smugglers to get this pic of tree in his…..biab need to pick the best pic



    Rogue – ye of little faith

    Rogue is right though there has to be more to this thread than just speedos

    Budha and fishy dont care for me you are only after me for my body
    Once you have my body you will dump me leaving me feeling used

    I always take my time and you are just pressurising me i havent even been on holiday yet!


    Actually i want to change my mind lol we should settle for rogues picture its more exciting  :good:


    Firstly! Tree, you’re proper forrit cos you said it was going to get busier in here and it hasn’t.

    Second, last time I put my picture up in here it was commented that my nose could poke the last pickle out of the pickle jar and furthermore, someone (you) said that in another photo I looked as if face down in category A drugs.

    Proper forrit. Actually proper! Ha.


    do i sense a little flirting here :good:

    If so i am much better looking than tree with the lights off  :bye:


    I think perhaps we all have very different ideas of what flirting is then.  As if I can flirt.  Pah. Bah HUMBUG!

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)

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