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    I as in that ukc yesterday having a bit of a banter and that ive said before its not really not my cup of tea most of them seem a bit thick to me;all clambering over each other for attention.bumbling around lik shee the keystone kops talking utter bollox saw kiwi there as well shudders and the mods  er  mods lol same as any other site really inc this mods have mates no bans us lot binned im used to it old hat to me so i was chatting to mcfc aka gam a mod poked in called lau and called him steve and why not thats his name pings me and asks me if im a gnome? im like wtf?dont forget im a small fish in a very big cess pit there,oh she sez no its just that the only person who ive ever seen call him steve steve called him a gnome,im like oh fck offhow do you know him anyway swansea yer from innit? you got 3 kids and you nicked milky off linda you robbing b!tchthats a fact,sorry if youre reading this linda xx but its true;so after about 5 minutes she must have pmd gam,and gam said you know who that is dontcha? so i can only assume gam is a snitch and that mod is a lunatic of the highest extremity   so i waits  cos they give you a reason why you are banned,homophobia vpn etc.guess what my reason was get this lol drum roll  trespassing  yeh i come on what the fck is that supposed to mean?trespassing thats why im not in a bad mood about it fckn trespassing like im intruding on somebodys property ycmiu lol ey gd ban gam from the quiz the grassing barstard



    Take your bag of scrabble letters, throw the entire bag on the floor – then you have a post from jolly rodge.






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    What an eye opener to read in deed

    But blame should not be placed on her. I think it only fair. Snake charmers know the way to get those to come to them. Well experienced enough..and that charmer knows business well. Sadly nieve enough I got caught in the snake pit.

    Just wish it not had been so many years in the pit. My skin has shed much.


    Well said Linda…..Why does the woman usually get the blame in such scenarios?

    Some men just dont know a good thing especially when they have it

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    Sadly she the next snake..feel bad for her. She will learn in time suppose..sure charmer working on another to conquer. Seems to love challenges just like his betting on dogs, horses and footy games.

    Imagine that he pulls woman like a challenge till gets bored



    it takes two to tango tho?


    True jolly..but I never learned to dance the tango proper.

    He a professional dancer like John Travolta in his steps.. lures, manipulates moves, and does dance well..when down time he taps feet waiting for next one to dance with.  Has patience I give him credit for that . But I guess a lonely man true love ever, player and liar. One day he will feel real pain of the heart and realize what true love all about. His loss..let him rock alone in old age. Have many regrets like I have now .


    problem is tho linda i get who you are on about but hes a good mate of mine hes been good to me erm omg where do i go from here?nah i cant talk about ppl behind their back big no no for me,but also i feel for you,youre disappointments,let downs etc maybe its just the distance tween you two like its highly unlikely he just say hang on pop the kettle on i be there in half an hour is it? anyway stop trashing my thread linds xx i want to know what trespassing means as in chat sites ??/ its bugging me.


    U know u can be a real pain in the ass.

    I care less if he ur cousin..preacher..hairdresser..seamstress.

    I did not ask u to talk behind his back..or for that matter betray ur friendship. I made comments to statements made and SPOKE TRUTH as u know I DO..

    If chicken shit is ever honest with u in which it will be doubtful, or lies..good luck he still ur mate..not mine.

    NOW STOP telling me if I can write wherever and whatever. So fuck off !

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    not exactly the woman id take to mothers for sunday dinner are you?

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