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    (for our american colleagues)

    It was just announced that the Republican driven ‘audit’ of Maricopa County in Arizona was indeed won by Biden and not trump, thereby destroying the claim of election fraud and cementing the trump ‘BIG LIE’ to the american people. The ‘audit’ even increased Biden’s victory margin!

    To confirm trump’s  mental instability he has now called for an audit of the Texas votes, WHICH HE WON. I wonder how many Texas tax dollars will be wasted on another pathetic  audit which could instead be going to the Texans in dire need of support.

    American politics – don’t you just love it.







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    trump supporters raise $5.7M for Arizona election audit

    I find it soooo ironic that the dumb fu cks who contributed to the $5.7million to pay for the Cyber Ninja ‘audit’ in that hope that the count would be overturned in favour of trump have had their dreams squashed like a fly swat on a mosquito and all they done is proved the ‘BIG LIE’

    No only that but they also paid their money to find that Biden picked up MORE votes that the original election!

    :yahoo: :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    You just couldn’t write this stuff.




    trump’s speech at his latest rally where he said he won the Arizona audit when he actually LOST underlines the fact that he is a brazen LIAR and has been lying from the day he learned to talk.

    Any trumpers visiting jc who are still following the cult should wake up to the the lies you have been fed.  Snap out of it. You’re dumping your precious democracy in favour of a power-crazy narcissist who will destroy your country.




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    CLEARED !!!!  Heyyyyyy are you me ol’ mucker???!!

    I have sooo missed our chats and debates about American Politics. While we have to put up with queues at the petrol pumps (or gas as you call it), you’re having to tolerate that fat-arsed golfer going around telling even bigger porky-pies then he’s ever done before. He really is looking a very sad and bitter old man Cleared. And I think we will see him physically crying when he gets hit with the tsunami of civil and criminal court cases that are building up against him from every corner of the planet. Even Scotland are going to have a pop at him about those dodgy-funded courses.

    Hey, I loved the headline the other day where Ford are investing umpteen billion dollars in a new factory to build the electric version of the F-150 pickup and bringing 11,000 new jobs to Tennessee of all places. 130,000 pre-orders…wow.

    Couldn’t ever see that happening under the fat golfer’s watch. All he would do is a pathetic impression of a coal miner.

    Anyway, glad you’re back from wherever. You provide much better sport than the other cult members. Puds is just in total denial and Linda rambles on incomprehensibly as usual.

    Hope you’re around for a while.





Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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