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    But so what?

    You said that I don’t disagree with the ‘Mogg camp’, but I disagree with Mogg on nearly every issue that I know his position on.

    Read it again.

    I said that Rees-Mogg is camp.

    That is something very different from the Rees-Mogg camp.

    Trump is camp, Rees-Mogg is camp, Batman played by Adam West is camp lol



    Read it again. I said that Rees-Mogg is camp. That is something very different from the Rees-Mogg camp. Trump is camp, Rees-Mogg is camp, Batman played by Adam West is camp lol

    Drac is illiterate


    With apologies (sort of) to Linda

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    Well, he’s a fantastic campaigner…


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    My my my scep… we wake up on wrong side of bed this morning…lol…Trump speaks openly…tells what going on..and you use caption..”Hate.”

    Let me tell you what I hate..majority do right now..This so called caravan of thousands of people who want to come in our Country..not do it right horse shit..but carry their own Country flag as well. So miserable you walk here with your flag make a statement. Our military and other forces being deployed to protect our boarders from criminals, rapist..murderers..and those who were deported back. Disease infection, traffickers slave..drug..everything else.. you dont think many American people are any different from him right now… mad as hell as him. .. you bet your arse scep we are.

    And shall we discuss the ISIS cells laid dormant. The 100 found from Mexico detained.. Not only do we deal with normal bull shit of people all over the country who have lost their marbles go after their own..but the so called starved..homeless..deprived who wish to enter our country who look well fed..dressed.  Want to live here suck our system more dry…who pays scep..who here can afford to work for free. We work not only to survive but pay for others who bitch and sit on arse all day.

    No place on the World is perfect. No leader is either..including your problems in the UK..But I tell you one thing for sure when people need us..knock on door..we interact..we try..we still bloody pay more than and other Country in the world in where we live..

    So post just one friggin time scep..just once I thing that says about all Americans..not just the leader who many hate his mannerisms for…


    We are the people..not just the man..we are kind. Considerate most..we work and sweat like all others around the world.. we never give up hope..and we sure pay our dues..

    So suck it up.   :-)


    so why did most Americans who voted in the elctions last week vote against Trump?

    He made it a personal referendum on himself, and the Democrats won.

    The Republicans won the Senate, but only a third of the seats were up for re-election, and they were all conservative, rural  areas. The Democrats swept the urban areas, espeically the rustbelt states which supported him in 2016.

    Obama was right when he said that the election was about the character of America.

    Trump’s bad mannerisms are neither here nor there, but the hate-filled speech which he used in the campaign may have whipped up the faithful but it appalled a lot of others.

    The hate is always aimed at the newcomers – the immigrants. It always has been. It used to be aimed at Jews, at Catholics, then at racial groups, including the Italians.

    Trump’s presidency is certainly important, but it’s a myth to say he’s keeping his promises. Apart from giving a massive amount of money to the rich, he’s conducted his presidency like a reality tv episode of The Apprentice – all twists, no plot.

    Time will tell whether Trump’s hatred will come to characterise America, or whether a kinder, more gentle America can win through.


    we are the people just voted against him

    or were they all rapists, traitors, thieves, scum of the earth?

    Even Trump said he’d have to tone it down once the election results came in, but he can’t.

    His success depends on the fears felt by ordinary Americans, and on whipping up those fears into a state of permanent alert against his opponents.

    He’s now got rid of his Attorney General to appoint someone more pliable to deal with the Mueller investigation.

    And he’s lining up the Federal Reserve Board chairman as his next enemy. He’s going to need someone to blame when the sugar rush into the economy runs out.


    All blame, all hate, all patriotic rhetoric covering sweet f-all, all twists, no plot.



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    The Woody Allen case led me to an awareness of this. I always liked Woody Allen’s humour, and the accusations against hi 25 odd years ago disturbed me. That they arisen again without any new evidence, and have been taken so seriously that Allen is now in danger of losing film contracts and actors refusing to work with him on the basis of dubious allegations from the Mia farrow clique is a result of first-order bullying from #metoo, who havfe pressured stars into dissociating themselves from Allen.

    Are you for real?Withought any new evidence.His own son wont have anything to do with him because he actually knows the real man,he knows what went on.He had dirty pictures of his step doughter and mia found them.He was having an affair with her for years,before he married her,i susspect to keep her mouth shut.The other doughter told how he abused her in a  at 6 years old.Lets not beleave the victums though eh.Why would a whole familey tell lies.The fact he married his own step doughter says it all for me.

    I think the me too movment has been fantastic,taking the power from these bullying dirty men and handing it back to ordonary people who should be judged on there ability at there work rather than in some on creeps bed.Young wimen going out in the world trying to make a living because they have dreamed of it all there lives,having the heart knocked out of them by some perverted power hungry man.Not being abel to say anything,because of the power these people had.

    Not onley young woman,children too.The pedophilia that has been going on is being exposed.

    Thank god for the me to movment.I hope it gets straghtend out once and for all,the whole shooting shabang of depreved perverts who run the entertainment industry.

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