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    Ode to trump


    Trump is a kunt, there’s no doubt about it

    He tried to buy Greenland, what a silly fuckwit


    Trump is a kunt,  it’s a well established  fact

    Anyone who disagreed was immediately  sacked


    The replacement comes in, smiles at trump and is hired

    Tweet tweet tweet,  days later he is fired


    Trump is a kunt, he tried to build a wall

    But then like humpty he had a great fall


    They built 80 miles, that’s not very good

    They could have done more if they built it out of wood


    He attacked John McCain as a bit of a loser

    Melania says trump is a fucking shit schmoozer


    He didn’t like Paris, the saviour of the world

    He cheered and he hollered when ol’  Dixie was unfurled


    He wants to dig coal, well let HIM dig the shit

    He wants to fuck the planet, silly little git


    Suffering from covid? Trump said “drink a cup of chlorox,

    shoot it up your arm and spray it on your bollocks”


    Trump’s a silly kunt and tried to steal  the election

    Now he can’t even muster a tiny erection


    He lost by a landslide, in his own words

    His only future lies in a family of turds


    Trump is a kunt, he really couldn’t care

    About you or your neighbour, he’s your worst nightmare


    Now he only plays golf, carting round from tee to tee

    That’s why his massive arse beats a small country


    trump will disappear and his base will follow suit

    Most of them have  seen the light and given him the boot


    He thought he’d won again but it was trump’s BIG LIE

    He only talked shit and now he’s eating humble pie


    Bye bye trump


    Brought to you by the Free Speech Foundation

    Many thanks to our sponsors – budha and Ge






    2nd verse………..



    Warhol is a troll who lost his contol..

    He full of malice as he is cowardice.

    He writes big and thinks he knows all when in fact he edit and pick news just bias in which he thinks his voice more highest.

    His credibility challenged but look now what he writes as his control lost and he powerless.

    I know he loves to challenge me and play his games but warhol move on as my time with you has now vanished.








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    Linda loves this so much it deserves to be back on top of the hit parade.






    There’s nothing lower in the tree of life than a trumper arse licker


    Hello budha – trumper arse licker



    Thought i’d get this one back to the top of the hit parade.

    Now let’s see how many jc kunts show up.

    Soooo   predictable…






    Hi Linda !



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