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    I don’t know if there is already a thread which covers this. I thought a good idea to share what you are looking forward to watching on TV soon, and it may help others with shows they would like too. Can be movies or TV shows…

    So I will start out by saying:

    Louis Theroux: Dark States – Heroin Town (Sunday 8th October, BBC 2, 9pm) I like this guy, his interview style is unique and all his documentaries are usually pretty good. This one focuses on America’s addiction to pain-killers.

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    My lovely king…..

    I do myself like this, but hee. When you kind of deal with it 24/7 which pays for cost of living expenses, have to admit, I love to watch shows on

    Animal Kingdom, History Channel…

    This way ha ha, know what type of nature I share with. Friend or enemy….
    Can not communicate but just the same find fascinating….

    Good idea post, thanks!

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    I love animal shows too Linda, anything to do with true crime, nature, space, always interests me :) I used to always enjoy watching that Australian guy who was killed by the stringray. Then detective TV shows like Monk and Columbo are classic. One day I was sat watching my niece and a show came on the TV, I was so hooked, you will have heard of it I am sure, Tales of the Unexpected. I was a little too young to remember it, my parents said they used to watch it every Sunday evening back in the day. So I got that from Amazon, has 112 episodes, am on episode 39, just been watching a couple every week or so, love old classics like that too… They made things so much better years ago. The tune to that TV show is so catchy too:

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    King, hee, not familiar with tune. Columbo and monk yes… funny like many movies picking off slew in brain, t.v. shows,

    M.A S.H. , Archie Bunker and loved the Jeffersons..moving on up…catchy tune..

    Chiller theater, hand coming out of blood, Saturday night show. When I think saw then, and 50 times worse now, ha, like today’s much more. Omen, poltergeist,..
    Loved the original Star Trek only..others after not sure, no interest..
    War of the worlds, original, body snatchers, omg, Vincent Price, adored him…The Fly… count Dracula…oldies. lord hooked.. the only soap can really say watch, hooked, was Barnabas Collins (vampire show) 21 Jump Street, oops, Dallas….J.R. and company.

    Books and movies all kinds my thing…

    But then the True Blood Series..Game of Thrones, Vampire Diaries series. Arrow, Hunger Games. Highlander series, ooops, really stuck like glue.. no interruptions please. Hee hee…

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    Quite a lot there Linda lol, a lot I have never heard of but will check out ;) What I usually find with a TV series is that seasons 1 and 2 are amazing and draw me in, however after that they just keep dragging them on, it becomes a chore to watch and I give up. Perfect examples of this are things like Lost, The Walking Dead, and thousands of others.

    I think they would be best having a maximum of 3 seasons and just making it amazing and going out on a high, but I understand they try to milk it and make as much money from them as possible. The most recent show which did drag on a little but I still enjoyed all seasons was Bates Motel, and Breaking Bad before this.

    Unfortunately I don’t read a lot now, the last book I read was Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith. Shame really because I used to read a lot but I have sort of lost the patience for it in this day and age where it’s much more easier to just listen to your favourite podcast or put on Netflix or YouTube.

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    I used to like Cheyenne and Wagon Train, with Flint McCullough the Scout, and grumpy old Major Adams.

    Also Laramie, whihc was quite grown up because there was a lot of shootin’ on it.

    Also Rawhide, with Rowdy Yates as the gallant youngster (he’s still around) and some old cook who used to make me laugh a lot with his complaining.

    My favourite was Bronco Laine.  He struck all the right buttons – great smile, Confederate cavalry cap to die for (my dad had put a cord and badge on my cowboy cap so i knew what I was talking about as I pushed my sixgun against the cap), came from Texas (whihc sounded good) – I’ll show you a gal that he kissed once,I’ll show you a gal that he kissed twice, I’ll show you a gal that he kissed three times she’s dreamin’ of sugar and spice. They don#t write them like that now.

    I am so looking forward to these shows, but they don’t seem to be playing. B-)

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    Thing is about most series King is that after the first 2 seasons….when he show is up and running…the producers nearly always fire the script writers etc to save money so in most  cases, the shows concerned either go down-hill slowly or very fast. Love Tales of the unexpected you mentioned. A lot of the stories scared me to death when i was young. They touched on some quite hard hitting subjects like rapists and child killers. There was that classic episode where a man was accused of being a rapist to women in a park and it turned out that it was in fact a set up to get the park keeper who was in fact the real rapist. And the theme music had a magic of it’s own.

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    Ha Ha Linda! Vincent Price was the King of Horror…in such classics as The Fly…The pit and The Pendulum and Masque Of the Red Death and even Edward Scissor-hands.

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    Not heard of any of them Sceptical Guy, will check them out ;)

    There was one already Q where a girl was on a bus and a man was perving on her, a older lady offered to help her and took her back to her house for a cup of tea, and who walks in, the man, it was her husband lol I love the twists they all have in them.

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    Omg.. I remember some said. Loved Rawhide. Can still hear music theme in head..hee

    Wagon train

    U can see me very very early hours watching the Rifleman. Marshall Matt Dillion. Still on here repeats. Loved all of John Wayne. Laughed remembering yul Brenner (?) All those cowboy movies. Then in the King and I? Laughed liked him better bald then With hair.. heeeee


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