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    Well breaking up some umm nonsense going on the boards those supposedly expressing love..well can we have a bit of laughs for a change? It be nice, fun, healthy…

    So what say you..

    Let’s see start off here..

    Roses are red, violets are blue…

    Soon be Valentine’s day so what say you?


    Well since I started here..

    Roses are red..violets are blue, I wish you all a marvelous day full of love and happiness and a sunny day too!

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    Hiya linda we are going out for a lovely meal hope u and milky had a good time x

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    Well linda

    I will be working so we are going out this sat for a nice meal .. and im thinking few days early I might just save a bit of money too  lol lol ..    but hand on heart what ever people do hope they have a fab time . :rose:   :rose: :rose:


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    Hubbie will give me chocs and flowers and i will make him a nice dinner.We do the same thing evry year lol

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    Thanks to those responding….

    For many many years..that day well..really nothing fabulous to report to be honest..another marked day on a calendar..

    But the year has truly turned me around..I am blessed as Valentine’s day is daily for me, not just another day…marked every day.. but with sweethearts daily and lots of…thank you sweetheart..xx


    :good: :rose: :heart: :bye:



    Roses are red violets are blue….ill give you some new teeth as im not sure you can chew…………LMAo RATF PML


    Like I said in a post Mr. Q. You sure went to hell quick with your friends. Thank you for your valentine wishes. Wow to think once you nice. Wow…


    I’ll definitely get more valentines cards than blueyedboy


    I think u should be treated like it’s Valentine’s day ever day x

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 20 total)

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