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    Anyone else had some strange dreams lately? Last night’s was a cracker.

    Apparently (in my dream), I had booked a heavily discounted flight to Sydney, Australia two years ago. It was now the day of the flight, so I was out driving (in Manhattan of all places) to buy some shower gel specifically for the trip (not sure why that was so high on my list of priorities).

    So, after struggling to find parking for a while, I finally found a spot and parked up. Then I couldn’t find the shop with the shower gel, and nobody on the street was helping me. So, I gave up and returned to the car…

    … except I couldn’t find the car since I forgot where I parked. After searching for a couple of hours, I decided that it was getting too close to flight time for me to find it so I called off the search and told the wife the 10 block radius within which she may find the car (she wasn’t coming to Australia with me).

    The next thing I knew, I am in Astoria, Oregon and looking at old jigsaw style pictures that some craft shop was throwing out. I picked one up for my mother and one for my sister. Having checked the time, I saw I was going to be late for my flight so I got out my phone to look up the ticket details so I could call the airline.

    At this point, I couldn’t find my email app on my phone, and I couldn’t use the search function on my phone, making the task all but impossible. This frustrating episode seemed to take forever.

    In the end, I spent over half an hour trying to find the information I needed, but failed. The flight had left, and I was stuck imagining what I could have done with the money spent on my missed flight.

    TL;DR: Dreams are weird. Share them here. Don’t book a flight to Australia two years in advance.


    If you are on your way to buy soap, this is connected to a negative attitude that you have towards life. It is time to start being more positive. To have your hands washed with soap indicates that you are trying to create new situations in your life. If you are using soap to wash someone else’s hands, you fear losing control in the future.

    Dreaming of being on a holiday alone (when you are in a relationship of whatever sort) can indicate a need for “alone time”. This will be particularly true if the relationship is under a strain of some sort. If you are not in a relationship it still indicates a need for time alone. To lose your car can represent a direction you are headed in. To lose it may mean you are losing your motivation or are feeling directionless and just don’t know how to proceed. In addition, being lost in a dream means something in waking life is causing you to feel directionless and/or uncertain as to what to do.

    Jigsaw are symbols of all the separate aspects of our lives that come together to make a coherent picture. Dreaming about jigsaw puzzles symbolizes that you need to take a closer look at individual parts of your life and make sure that they belong and are organized in the right places. Puzzles are also representative of mystery in our life.

    We go into a shop and we choose the things we want from the range of goods that are available. Shops in dreams represent the things that we wish to achieve. They also take note of the effort that we wish to put into achieving something. If the goods are cheap then we maybe have little time or few resources available to us.

    Also the shop represents the things that you want and thoughts connected to those. Did you think of something that you really wanted yesterday? Are you thinking how you will spend your free time? Is a hobby losing your interest and you are thinking how to spend that time better?

    missing flight is connected to feelings inside, such dreams can reflect feelings of regret about actual occasions or people you’ve lost but more frequently they’re an emblem for something missing inside your existence possibly direction, confidence or intimacy or perhaps a feeling of personal identity.

    Another explanation of a missing flight in a dream is really a warning that you’re at risk of losing something important. Possibly you .

    Hope this helps to unravel your dream B-)



    Yikes… very deep! This is beginning to sound like a therapy session! Are you a professional dream interpreter?!


    Had a couple of people come for counselling that kept having strange dreams, there are protocols.

    are you on any medication, some types can cause vivid or even lucid dreams.

    have you recently been bereaved, divorced, moved house or had one of life’s high stress incidents.

    then the questions would follow;

    were you warm/cold, happy/sad, frightened/carefree, panic stricken or calm,was it daytime or evening.

    dreams can give clues, most read dream dictionaries, about specific items but you need a whole host of background things before a dream can be interpreted.



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    What a very detailed dream.

    Were you constantly looking at the time?

    You seem to remember how long it took to search for your car and the information you needed towards the end of it.

    Surreal…just like JC lol :scratch:


    in my expert opinion,id say you should stop eating cheese before hitting the sack . :whistle:   also get your mrs to sort out any future travel plans as women are much more organised than us mere mortals . :unsure:


    in my expert opinion,id say you should stop eating cheese before hitting the sack . :whistle: also get your mrs to sort out any future travel plans as women are much more organised than us mere mortals . :unsure:

    I loves a man that knows his place lol ;-)


    A while ago I kept having the same dream about losing my teeth …. to the point I woke trying to “spit them ” into my hands literally !!!

    After research it signified my fear of a loss (not necessarily teeth). Life was pretty pants at the same time. I changed a few things & the dreams stopped .

    Weird. :wacko:


    OK, last night’s dream involved the wife running around giving Theresa May piggyback rides. What does that mean, resident dream therapists?!


    Gawd I could very easily get myself banned on this thread.  :whistle:

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