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    What happens when you back the wrong horse?
    It runs around the track and doesn’t win – of course
    What happens when you underestimate?
    The stable door left open and it bolted out the gate?

    What happens when you betray someone’s trust?
    Their love dissipates or it turns into dust?
    What happens when you keep threatening to destroy?
    Them knowing that you’re evil does not bring them any ‘joy’?

    What happens when you play someone like a fiddle?
    Just by saying very little and when you do its just a riddle?
    What happens when you realise that they know that you will do?
    Whatever you feel is necessary just to hurt you?

    What happens when they wake up their eyes no longer closed?
    That they were not as stupid as you had once supposed?
    And when you’ve reeked your carnage and you’re glowing in the wake
    You will still probably never realise, your very big mistake


    If I was a betting man, I’d say all bets are off


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    I have no idea and zero interest in who or what this poem is about

    but I do like the poem.

    A real brooding sense of sadness and anger in the rhythm.

    Well done.

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    thank you x

    No not anger, more acceptance and a hint of gloating.  Sadness? mmmm Not sure x

    It is a truly arrogant poem.  I always enjoyed your views on my writing x

    i cant message you as you have your in box blocked but you could message me :)

    Thank you for your comment x


    You’re welcome.

    The poem doesn’t strike me as arrogant.

    Perhaps it’s  the brooding within me whihc led me to see that.

    I see what you mean by acceptance.

    Your box is locked too.


    im surprised you didnt realise it was me sooner lol i think you did

    thank you for pretending you didnt though x

    youre a good guy x

    you just dont always see whats really going on x


    I guessed who it was, but in my book I address the person’s name.

    Nobody is ever sure in the anonymous world of the web – I’m glad you’re taking all the attacks less seriously – at least I hope you are.


    im ok thank you x



    you just dont always see whats really going on x

    Your box is locked to my messages, too.

    Could you let me know in some way how I don’t see what’s really going on? x :-)


    [email protected] locking his box……


    here’s a poem or as sceppers calls it..a crap rhyme….

    The day the world ended,sceppers was there,

    telling various individuals how he’d like to care,

    my point is this oh poetic guy,it’s to late to care when you’ve spent too long asking why….

    You might believe me when i say,you will or you won’t…….but never profess to believe in any one after you’ve already admitted you don’t.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 17 total)

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