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    @oss wrote:

    There is not enough space on the whole of the net to write what pished me off today :evil:

    Not being noticed lol


    :evil: a few ppl have today that i thought where friends but how wrong can one be :(


    Well, my husband took my car today because his car is in the shop. So I’ve been home ALL DAY with a 3 year old and an 8 month old. I can’t even go get my usual 4pm coffee! I told him that when he comes home from work tonight, I’ll be taking the car to run some errands and he will have to sit with the kids. Well, he called me and said that his friend would like to go play golf tonight and wanted to know if he could do that and then go for a cigar. Does he actually think I’d say yes???


    being back hols and being loaded wiv cold.



    The Weather !!!

    fs Lucky ive never known anyone who gets as many colds as you a year lol


    Not a Damn thing!
    But it is only 10:30 am :wink:
    I’ll post on Monday to tell you all how much my in-laws don’t like me. I do have to see them on Sunday :evil: I guess that’s my “What pissed you off Today” for tomorrow.
    :twisted: :roll:


    Horses losing……….AGAIN.
    Hermys off form :cry:



    that feels much better 8)


    @hermangrrrman! wrote:

    Horses losing……….AGAIN.
    Hermys off form :cry:

    LOL hermy the big tip u gave us this morning still runnin huh??? :evil: :wink:


    A f00king hang over that as lasted all day

    i need to lie down and dieeeeeeeee :?

Viewing 10 posts - 7,281 through 7,290 (of 7,311 total)

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