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    Feeling useless


    What the [email protected] this thread


    Feeling useless

    Hugs Angel xx


    Feeling useless

    Hugs for me mate Ab, Thats not you hun xxx


    The M25.

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    M 25…that still classed as the biggest car park in the country unicorn? lol


    Never feel useless……….every one is always some thing and has some thing to give.


    Spilling a full jar of sugar all over the work top and floor


    Someone posting one after the other songs in to the room then typing the words in the songs in the room for badness because I sed that when music is posted it was disconnecting me.As it is its not disconnecting me now so carry on keep annoying everyone lol

Viewing 9 posts - 571 through 579 (of 579 total)

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