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  • #1083462 Great song by Peter Sarstedt…..Where do you go to my lovely?

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    Nice voice q


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    When your alone in your bed, tell me the thoughts that soround me

    i want to get inside your head


    Personally I find this song makes me laugh for all sorts of reasons..I just can’t take its posed gravity seriously…


    but apart from anything else, the thought of someone getting in your head is pretty creepy


    Sure is a great voice sassey. It’s what first made me want to listen to the track a few times. Don’t even know if the guy is alive today but would be interesting to see what his voice sounds like with more modern song writing and technology behind the production.

    I think that’s the main thing with this guy…he had a great voice. Not every one’s choice but a great voice all the same.

    Any way, i’ve been doing a track recently, sampling his voice and found some thing interesting…..the guy hums……what i mean here is that transferring the voice to synth is relatively straight forward and a very pleasing chord sequence.

    In some ways…he reminds me of Bach’s style of classical music.




    How come, mister q.

    I dono’t think bach hummed or transferred a a voice to synth, but I’m happy to find out.

    I’m both serious and what way does this professionally ‘sensitive’ guy remind you of Bach’s music? *puzzled


    I could joke here Sceptical guy or i could be serious or i could be one then the other…Mind if i joke first? …..Arnold Scwartathingy and Sylvester Stallone were asked to appear in a play depicting their favorite classical composers or/and musicians…..any way, Stallone says…i’ll be Chopin ’cause in rocky 4 i was chopin wood to get fit…LOL and Arnie say’s…..hmmm i’ll be Bach…..

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    Ok joke over…….now back to the question…..why are Bach and Peter similar…ok and it’s my opinion and experience only that Bach never had a synth and never met Peter bu tat the end of the day, i base my conclusions on a few matters……..for instance……music has always been the same to be honest……notes, chords and voice.

    I’ve always loved Bach’s sounds……Thing is…any one ever watched Bill and Ted? Awesome film…thing is though it sets one thinking if a legend from that classical era met and teamed up with a legend in the modern era…who would they be and what sound would they produce?

    It’s all hypothetical of course. No one can replace the masters of the classical age but you got to ask your self the question about the keyboard in general which is this……and in my opinion, no one can really answer so it’ss a rhetorical question. Would classical composers of the classical age LOL welcome synths or denounce them?

    After all, the notes haven’t changed…….just the way that people perceive that they ought to be played.

    Don’t worry Sceppers….i haven’t lost the conversation….i’ll be Back…LOL


    Don’t worry Sceppers….i haven’t lost the conversation….i’ll be Back…LOL


    I was beginning to wonder.

    Looking forward to your explanation of how Sarstedt’s music is like Bach’s music.


    Of course, it’s music, they all use notes, chords, and voice, as you say…


    but in that case Sir Gary Glitter brings Monteverdi to mind..which he doesn’t..not to my mind anyway..though maybe to yours??


    Nah..sorry never could stand Gary or Jimmy for that matter. Long before they were ” exposed”……LOL that word is funny in it’s self. What i will say is this though and it’s all i’m ever going to say on this matter……i still find it very strange how Jimmy died and was suddenly exposed. Did this lesson the impact of allegations some how?

    Any way……..first thing i did was separate the vocal from the’s easy to do with soft-ware. Then took out the section to be sampled which was the Where do you go my lovely and the next part. Then you will find that if you have the right soft ware, your synth will play the notes in synthesized form. Then you just play with the notes…often like a drum machine and put chords together.

    Then you can change the effects of the notes to fit in a required piece of music. The options are endless really……but the main thing is not to get too carried away and be obsessed with effects and reverb and this that and the other because one has to know when you got a good track and it can be easily wrecked by obsession with experimenting.

    I’ll be Back later to carry on this explanation……mean while here’s a thought….why’s there so many Bach to Bach programmes on T.V these days?

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