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    oh no its my thread guess its me first


    fem,rosanna ive always fancied a quaint  cottage in the irish countryside

    male,somer few pints of scrumpy and rip the pish out of his team who he  supports


    kenty throw her off the pier for being a dobber

    fishy kex

    still on the throwing theme

    throw him off his 10 ft dinghy

    no lifebouys were hurt in this thread.

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    you jols so i could drink you under the table

    rosanna so i could live in the countryside

    linda so i could visit miami beach and las vegas

    call me so i could sort his exes out big time

    flying as he is a nice bloke

    💎 in the hope of a smooch

    sandee for a cuddle

    ladyhm for a full fry up

    limpy so i could laugh at him




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    long name so i could soak up the tunisian sun drinking my home made wine all night

    guru…so i can say look…living like me is sweet as

    andy pandy so i could punch him on the nose

    tracy so i could show her some good loving

    smeg so she can have some time for herself to enjoy


    9 ball so we can enjoy a free burger from my van


    Blueyedboy so I could fatten him up  ;-)

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    Can’t fatten a thoroughbred Mili…

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    lol beb x


    as you know  im at loggerheads with the like button,i can hardly be seen  doing a “likey” id look like a right hypocrite

    but a bit of a lol to bud

    (gor ive trained  him up well)

    all funny,, but the limpy one sent me squawking round my living room cackling like a demented bat.

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    mindyou that might be the spice

    sorry as you were i leave  youse to it

    just gonna sit in the corner with diana donuts and talk  about conspiracy theories

    itll probably end up us talking absolute bollox

    but hey ho it always does

    laters tcx



    No point in meeting you, then.  :unsure:

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