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    I only wish that was true  :cry:

    Pull up beanbag Ge… let me tell you how I made me first million hun  ;-)

    Years ago I got naked for anyone who asked for free.  In Asda, on back of a milk float and even on kam  B-)

    And then I throught……can I make money from this  :scratch:

    So I pop down Asda and got meself a few tarty clothes and sign up to a kam site called fatfrkers  :good:

    On the first nite I made 2 grand  :yahoo:

    After a week or two I had enough me first real sex doll, not a Tesco’s bag with Ann Widdecombe’s face stuck on it with sticky tape.  ;-)

    Then saw the site was taking 1/2 me money  :cry:

    I soon give them the flick and started me own site called Chubby lovers.   Its done really well and not just an kam site anymore.  After branching in 15 min p0rn vid’s and fetish items like vvank mugs, I made a cool million in 12 months.  B-)

    So my advice to anyone looking to make a bit of cash by laying around the house stuffing your face with cake is:  get a kam, get naked and get paid for it ;-)




    There you go, it only took seven years but DOA has finally admitted it.



    Poor lass only went for a cuppa tea and when she got back DOA was sat there as naked as the day he was born. With his soldier on parade and all his shiny medals on display and a parrot, randomly sat on his shoulder.


    lollingtons cant beleive ge has made a funny.


    ps gorton st lol

    my ives ex boss has got a garage there called avesco

    i said”you know your surname is ives”

    him “yeh

    me”well you should have called it ivesco do you gerrit ives co?

    him”do you not think i thought about that? i wanted avesco so im first in the yellow pages

    now i dont employ idiots so your sacked do you get that?



    woh man that was a tough gig of a job.


    You both hate me cos I’m 29 and 3/97 :cry:

    Did I tell you I sold the rights, pictures and video of my summer holiday  back in 2012 to the Isle of Wight to tv production company  for 5 million  B-)

    They cut out the sex….. drugs….nudity and turn it into a tv show called Love Island.  :negative:

    I spose that’s another thing you hate me for  :cry:


Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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