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    People who don’t use room 3 post on our boards? Now that’s like what come 1st the chicken or the egg lol lol


    Why does anyone post on the boards?

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    I have been chatting in these rooms for two years now. I started off  chatting in room one and two but I am well established chatting in room 3. Be as nasty and mean as you like but i know i have a few friends in room 3. I am posting on ‘your boards’.

    Why are you so unkind to people women mostly who are just in these rooms chatting cos they just want to meet other women who may understand them.  Its not all about you men, maybe us women need and want to relate to other woman and need another womans friendship?

    I came here looking for nice women who have been through what i have.

    Why are you laughing so much? god you have a chicken and an egg? lucky you.

    i could suggest you shove them both up your arse

    yep just do it


    stars,, suddenly appear.. every time I am here,,


    just like me, they long to me.. close to me…..

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    Is this a chat community or is it just for specific people? Because i’m a little confused! I thought anyone could use anywhere on any site unless banned by owners? Freedom to go where they like chat to whom they want to, you know that kind of thing, is this not the case? :wacko:   :bye:

    percutiet eos obruere sucess risu


    What im saying is i chat in room 3 and use the room 3 board. As for 1 and 2 i dont even read them let alone post on them. And no Dipsy i wasnt talking about you.Keep taking the Prozac.


    Ruby rofl x

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    Ruby rofl x

    couldnt resist Jamie :)

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    Why can’t people post where they want? I’m not sure what the problem is or even if there is one.

    Most of the issues on the boards were caused by those who chatted regularly in F3.

    I quite like seeing different people post.


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    Although I probably won’t be popular for saying so *sad face* the truth is (in my opinion that is), the JC boards on the whole is a melting pot of petty point scoring and jostling for position. Yep I do that myself sometimes and mostly avoid the boards for that reason, these days. Very rarely is anything interesting posted that can be discussed rationally and objectively and ideas exchanged and explored in a healthy atmosphere without someone trying to shout you down and belittle you and which is why most people avoid the boards, like the plague.

    Such is JC politics that some people are incapable of keeping the boards and the room, separate. This has an impact on both the rooms and on the boards, because the little busy bodies who constantly scurry about causing mischief, creating division, do it for that exact purpose.

    On a side note, the ID only has been pretty successful in 3 thus far, but depending on who is in the room, or not. However it has only pushed the problem elsewhere as Mizzy has already alluded on another thread. Including pushing the problem back onto the boards.




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