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    Seems all people who voice opinions are ones who burn things down and deface property.  Politicians defunding Police Departments and our rights of American people are forgotten especially if we “White Folks.” School closures based on Teacher Unions, not science. Money for infrastructure which is providing money for a museum. Umm what about roads. Geez those bills based more on programs to change school names. Museums. Removing statutes. New books and curriculum in schools. They got millions already not used yet.

    Our voices no longer heard. Dictated against our will. So basically we are hand tied


    If you are going to university there are loans to pay for fees and living costs in England & Wales. There means tested too. In Scotland there are no fees and places are free.

    In 2020, students graduating from English universities will have incurred an average of 40.28 thousand British pounds of student loan debt, compared with 24.96 thousand pounds in Wales, 23.52 thousand pounds in Northern Ireland, and 13.89 thousand pounds in Scotland.

    So its about 1 to 2 years salary to attend a university here  :scratch:

    Property taxes depend on where you live.  There based on your house price and discounted if you live alone.


    When you sell a house you pay stamp duty.  Again these depend on the area you live.

    Property purchases from 1 July 2021 to 30 September 2021

    The <abbr title=”Stamp Duty Land Tax”>SDLT thresholds will be:

    • £250,000 for residential properties
    • £150,000 for non-residential land and properties

    The threshold for residential properties will change on 1 October 2021.

    So if you sell a 3 bedroom flat in Lewis for 180k there is no tax.

    But 10 miles away in Brighton the same flat will cost you 600k and you will pay about 20k tax on the sale.

    I’m not sure on the whole defunding Police thingy. Politicians who cut Police numbers ever get re elected here.  And there bring out the new Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill just to keep voters happy….well some of them.


    There too many new infrastructure projects for me to cover on here and schools are the same.




    I’ve made a mistake there…….. stamp duty is paid by the purchaser of the property.

    Capital gains tax (CGT) is payable when you sell an asset that has increased in value since you bought it. … For residential property it may be 18% or 28% of the gain (not the total sale price). Usually, when you sell your main home (or only home) you don’t have to pay any CGT.


    Oh thank you for information..well defined and truly appreciate that. Found it very interesting.


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    I think the main issue for America voters is the time taken for the process.

    There two good ensamples of this from the UK, the eu referendum & general election.

    The eu referendum process start a year before the vote. The issue divided friends and family’s. A year of both sides fighting it out in the media adding fuel to the fire.

    A general election in the UK is announced 5-6 weeks before the vote and is far less so. And a new governments take control the next day.

    In America the process can take up to two years to complete. Nominations, party run offs and more. It takes the new president and congress 3 months to take over after an election. And I believe this is the main reason America is so dived.

    Unlike the UK where party leaders are decided long before any election and are active parts of the process long before any vote…. Americans decide on there candidates 18 months before.   There little time to see how candidates would lead a government, there too busy campaigning.

    If America wants to change… the first step would be to have party leaders who will stand in presidential elections ending the long draw out process.   With a shorter campaigning season people will be less brainwashed by media and become less divided.





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    Fishy. Get real sweetie. Life is crazy all over the world. Every country
    Sorry to say. I wish best outcome for all. Everyone in every country ❤️❤️❤️


    Fishy. Get real sweetie. Life is crazy all over the world. Every country
    Sorry to say. I wish best outcome for all. Everyone in every country ❤️❤️❤️

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