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    I’ve reached the stage in life places are too far too close for the car or bus.   I’m told this happens to people once they reach 30…luckily I’ve still got a few years to go yet  ;-)

    With covid back on the rise I’m not too keen on using the public transport too.

    So I’ve invested in a e bike thingy for £270


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    I had a poke round on youtube and these seem ok.  



    This should come in the next day or so.  I’ll let you know how I get on :good:

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    I was mucking around on his today.  It was so funny :yahoo:

    Wind gusting almost blow me off but the bike kept going.  Its a bit odd not peddling at first but you soon get over it.  :yes:



    electric bikes all over place around here .mostly on pavements but roads too. they are trying to get a petition going to make them road legal as at moment not!  dont mind them on roads as same as bikes but  would like them to be insured and road tax too .after all, if using roads  why should it eb free ( yes I would apply to cyclist’s too and I was one -still got a bike)  minimum tax of course say £5 a year.  don’t like them on pavements as far too fast and like cycles can easily cause serious injuries to somebody coming round a corner or out of gate etc  .especially young children. wife nearly had her face ripped open when coming out of chemist in clacton on sea where pavement cycling is common and he was doing the ‘normal’ one wheel in air  thing so common  in essex.  so handlebars missed wife face only as she pulled it out of way by a whisker. no apology from teenager..more an attitude I think that we were in wrong by being in way!  :unsure:


    I couldn’t agree more H.

    There a lot of bad cyclists the same as drivers.  From what I remember you shouldn’t be on the pavements if your over 14 and I believe schools still run the old cyclist providence training most of us did as kids.

    Teenagers were and still are a problem not matter what.

    With another covid winter looming public transport may be a risk old people are unwilling to take.  While fitness levels mite keep older people off traditional cycles modern  light weight electric transport  mite be the solution for local shopping needs.  Even getting older people out & about for an hour would improve mental health & wellbeing.

    New cycle lanes have been introduced cross the UK since the pandemic began whether people wanted them or not.  It seems silly not to use them.

    My own thoughts on this subject are simple: if teens see a bunch of  old fogy’s using them they will soon stop begging parents to buy them making the pavement’s a little safer for all.

    So don’t write off  electric e bikes & scooters, embrace it !! Why should we be force to use those mobility scooters that need a shed or garage and cost thousands to buy?

    As we get older a little fresh air and fun shouldn’t be one of those things we give up !!













    I took this bike from Shoreham into Brighton today.  Around trip of about 9 miles and it made it. Its mostly flat with a few small hills.

    If you think cyclists are azzsoles on the roads there even worse on the cycle tracks.  Clueless bunch of tvvats. Under taking, refusing to stop at lights and no idea how to over take.




    sadly all behaviour os down to combination of bringing and social rule(s) enforcement . hence UK one of worlds distaste places when it comes to litter. everybody being brought up to think they have ‘rights’ and somebody else is paid to clear up after them etc . no local (national) law enforcement etc

    :scratch: :scratch:

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