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    We have all seen the news…gas & electricity prices going up 40%…strikes by council workers and NHS staff and shops running out of food.

    It seems the world is ending once again.

    In the last winter of discontent back in the late 70’s I understood the reasons behind it.  This time round it looks like all those who cash in on the pandemic are looking to repeat it.

    I have little sympathy for NHS staff who doubled there pay packets on overtime since the pandemic began. Little time for the binmen who did the bare minimum too.

    As for the rest of them… most councils put there staff on furlong to save money from day one.

    Do they deserve a better pay deal?  Only if they agree to cut there overtime rates.  What we all seem to have forgotten was 10% of there gross pay goes into there pension funds.  So the more they earn…the more they pay in and them more we will all have pay later.

    Its only the government that still pays over time at a higher rate while the rest of the work force only gets there normal rate no matter how many hours they work.

    Price rises for gas & electricity  have been on the cards for a while. The UK’s green energy program is costing way more than anyone expected. Now those company’s involved are looking  recover the cost.   Its hardly a surprise.

    What I find really funny is some of the lowest paying employers in the UK calling for increased immigration and threating food shortages.  Not much of a threat…we still import most of our food.   Without EU rules food prices should get cheaper due to no longer paying for “eu food mountains” and greedy French farmers.

    This winter maybe an adjustment  but we wont stave and lights & heat wont go out.  Maybe its time to bring public service workers inline with the rest of us.  I cant think of many jobs with 37.5 hours per week and unlimited over time at time & 1/2.









    I hope that made you feel better fishy.    :-)


    It sure made me feel better cooldandy


    I mean guys….I am praying you didn’t actually read the whole thing


    dontbe so rude k,everybody deserves to have an opinion and be heard














    even if its a load of bollox



    Let me explain how pensions work cosy.

    Back in 1990 I paid into a pension plan for two years with an employer at 6%.  Today that fund is worth 2k or £700 per year for life.

    A friend of mine worked as a university lecturer training teachers.  Under Edward Health’s government they closed down most teacher training by 1981 and he was pension off at 51.

    This year his pension is paying around 32k per year.  He’s been getting for the last 40 years.

    So when we talk about the NHS and its cost…..most of the bill is pensions not health care. Few work pass 55.

    The NHS Pension Scheme has 1.57 million members actively contributing, 650,000 deferred members and 900,000 pensioners receiving benefits. The benefits and conditions vary according to the type of worker and the dates of their service.

    So lets say they all get a pension of 18k per year ( 18000 x 900,000) that’s around 16 billion a year.

    Now think about all those extra hours worked since the pandemic started within the NHS.  All those extra contributions made into there pension funds.   We’re storing up trouble for the future and the end of the NHS wont come from privatization by government……its going to be there pension fund.




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    lot of issues and many always Blame government of the day . in some cases they are correct too. not yet looking at conspiracy theory of deliberate  fuel and food shortages to get immigration   rules voided so big corporations etc can. again get low paid skilled workers and thus derive higher profits and of course huge bonuses .  aware some council workers do take advantage and was aware one in particular used to deliberately do work slowly in week in order to get overtime!   :wacko:  standard practise of increasing population growth to drive growth in economy is having hiccups in EU . native birth rates dropping including UK’s. hence government and business worried .citing lack of workers and demand to pay pensions and keep modern pyramid system of economics working as it is and they need. no worries (yet) of  food rationing though energy issues are rising fast.  :mail:



    I have little sympathy for NHS staff who doubled there pay packets on overtime since the pandemic began.

    I have little sympathy for NHS staff who doubled there pay packets on overtime since the pandemic began.


    That statement has put me right off you!

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    That statement has put me right off you!


    Why so many lost so much since the start of the pandemic, others have cash in. While the news and social media present an image of hard working NHS staff on the front line running out of food and petrol….its not really the truth.

    Regular NHS staff from cleaners to porters doubled there wages on over time.

    Nursing agency charged round £30-60 per hour for staff.

    At the peak of the latest wave there were 34,336 COVID-19 patients in hospitals across England.

    ForumHostLD can you justify paying a nurse £480 (8 x60) for an 8 hour shift?

    Can you justify paying a hospital porter a £800 a week?






    Fishy now regrets becoming a hack plumber.

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