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    Cosy you can be funny and vile.Once you start putting the boot in expect  the same back.Off course if you start putting boot in what do you expect back.Any how ill leave it at that.




    No wonder why many of us prefer to stick to our own more these days !

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    Dont try to assume what i am kiwi you aint got a clue
    I hate you youre a nobhead driving ppl away from here with your incessant boring nonsense tell you what tho you make me laugh cos you blocked me
    Do you realise how silly you appear as in eg i was talking to lisa and mids today and cos you cant see me you assume they are talkin to you you fckn plank

    Ps stay off my women thread you wudnt know a woman if she sat on your face.
    Pps stfu about cancer
    Im sure everybody who uses this site and those that have sadly departed have had an health issue or knows somebody who has.
    We dont need to be reminded by dikslap like you
    Pps ive come to the conclusion that anybody who engages in a convo with you its just my opinion of course
    Must be a lonely sad sack like you.
    As you know i dont mention names who im on about
    But waves to rosanna belle and dd.


    Ccosy  you heartless moron you ought to be glade you haven’t got cancer  instead of taking vile swipe shots at me and ppl dont need reminding of vile piece of works you turn out to be  Iits wonder you get the boot cosy ppl can see why. Cosy its called just chat i can go on ppls thread when ever i feel like it so just get use to it Talk of a sad sack you fit the right example of one.


    But we dont want to know
    Ive seen too many ppl from here die including my fiancee
    So give it a break eh?


    Ps im not heartless
    My dad died of cancer at 42 i was 14
    Did my head in
    Me mam died 2 years ago
    My best mates son died of leukemia he was 7

    So when i come in chat
    I like funny chat bit of banter
    I really dont want to watch the dead pool as in whos dying next in jc
    But you take it too far you even bring your bro into it.
    So to sum up im not insensitive
    So you lay it on the vulnerable women*(cos blokes dont talk to you)
    Like rosie bell and wots her face dd
    And they go awww kiwi bless
    They dont reallly care
    Just being nice thats all.
    So ease down on the death chat
    And post something interesting
    If you can?but i doubt it.


    Oh and ppps
    Of course you can reply to any thread
    But keep to the title
    This aint about you and cosy whoever he is? But you seem to tink im him but im not and i resent it so stick to thread
    1 do you know any women?
    2ever been married or lived with anybody?
    3 did they name that film a 60 yr old virgin about yòu
    4 do you find sheep ssexy as in any port in a storm?


    Cosy i can say same back i to seen family members suffer n die from cancer.Its just sadly reality of life.And you do come across as heartless cold selfish idiot.Life does have its comedy and sadly reality happenings to it, of which no matter what you cant run away from it.Again ill say what i want to say not from some old dick head from England wants me to say its called democracy as if you didn’t known cosy.And again thank your lucky stars you haven’t got cancer or uill then have something to worry about instead of doing abusing of which you always  end up doing.


    Remenber Jolly, or Mark, or sweet pea lol lol    I lived in Europe for 18 years I am a sport fanatic, I am current of every game.




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