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    @scarlett wrote:


    Tell me about it, took me 2 days to travel a 4hr trip!!






    @rubyred wrote:


    I hear ya sista x


    gettting a bit worried now Mel,, and there is more to come all down the east coast from Aberdeen to Newcastle tonight and tomorrow !



    We had loads earlier today and I risked taking my car out and taking the kids to school as we live about 3 miles from the school.. when the weather closed in I decided to go and get the kids early in case it got too bad…. So annoyed!! The teacher who opened the door to me told me I had no excuse to collect them early as I only live and then she said my area of town! How rude is that!! She said she had walked from my area and had left the house at 6.50am to get to work.. and implied I should do the same.. so I said to her that was good for her but with a 5 year old I had no intention of doing the same walk. To top it off I had to dig my car back into my space lol…. Got stuck on snow mountain I created digging it out!!!

    Thanks to the 2 lovely young men who came to my rescue and pushed me…

    Chivalry is not dead!

    So my word is…
    CHIVALRY yay


    ShiiiivvvvvveeeeerrrrrrrllllllrrrrrryyyyyyyItsVeryVeryCold :o :wink:


    Wine! Because I couldn’t damn well have it last night cause I got snowed in babysitting so had to stay the night and even worse didnt have a fag for 18 hours!


    Rubber rings and Lampshades 8-[

Viewing 10 posts - 2,411 through 2,420 (of 5,560 total)

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