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    Quick flood statistics

    • One in six properties in England (around 5.2 million properties) are at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea, one million of which are also at risk of surface water flooding
    • A further 2.8 million properties are susceptible to surface water flooding alone
    • Statistically, your home is more likely to be flooded than burgled
    • 25% of flooding occurs outside of areas formally recognised as being flood-prone
    • The UK government currently spends £2.6 billion on flood defences in England
    • 36 people have died as a result of flooding in England and Wales in the past 10 years

    As most of you know, I love my boats………. but I’m more likely to drown well away from a river or sea. Why you may ask?  I don’t carry or keep a basic lifejacket in the car or suit case.  While I’m away I never give the risk of flooding a second thought.  The idea of staying in a small b&b that’s hit by flashing flood is preposterous and ridiculous…….. yet it happening more.

    Families stranded and stations underwater as flash floods batter London

    On world drowning prevention day I’m asking people to buy a simple foam lifejacket and keep it in cars or at home.  Even if you’re along way from the sea or a river.   With the weather going nuts more & more you never know when you mite need it.   Prices start from £20.

    And please donate to the RNLI

    Just make sure it fits.















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    After 5 people drown over the weekend…..I’d through I’d take a few mins to talk about water safety.

    Waters a real killer, drink too much and you’re dead.

    People have drowned in the bath too.

    All sailor’s know the sea is out to kill them….its why they don’t take risks and do take precautions.

    So I’m going to tell you something that’s odd and not changed since we crawled out of the swamps. Most  people drown within 200 meters of land. There not miles out to sea on a sinking ship in a storm………there trying to cool off or  rescue pets in rivers, lakes or on the beach.

    The problem was so bad they came up with the Manby mortar around 200 years ago.  They were only replaced once inshore lifeboats became more common.

    I know you cant watch kids 24 hours a day or keep dogs out of water.  You cant keep a water rescue kit on you while walking along a river bank with the love of your life too.  But you can limit the risks.

    Make your kids do a water safety course.  Most local councils run them.

    For adults there free online

    FREE Water Safety Online Course

    And put your pets in a lifejacket.  They don’t cost much and you can find them easily online or in pet shops.

    And dont be tempted be a rescuer unless you’re trained to do it.   Waters a serial killer and always looking for its next victim.









    Can think of a few that have used this place that would of been better if they were drowned at birth 😂😂


    won’t be donating to RNLI  anymore. (wife is a volunteer there) as found out they have given over £2.000.000 away  overseas to ‘educate’ and provide swimwear /lessons etc . If a UK charity can pass on such sums not dedicated to its functioning. .Then clearly does not need  my offerings! T :scratch: hought UK overseas aid budget ( billions) ought to have been enough already.  still never heard of a charity yet that can get enough funds .. so is RNLI only one over  supported ?


    Just H I think your a bit off track  :scratch:

    RNLI do send staff overseas to help train people. There open about it and done it for years.


    Its not much different to the London’s fire services work and there tax payer funded


    And even the NHS



    Over all I’d say the RNLI actives overseas are inline with our fire services and NHS.






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