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    Hello!!! No idea how many ‘oldies’ are still around or who remembers me but thought I’d pay a visit to my old haunt  :yahoo:<noscript>:yahoo:</noscript>

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    Morning georide bird.Glade to see you back.I recall personality but not the nick.Did you use another nick while in jc?


    Hi. Nope always geordiebird or just plain old GB 🤣 it’s changed alot since my days on jc mind


    How long were u in jc geordie bird? What room did you use alley chat in?


    About 15 years ago!! Last ventures in here about 10 years ago.  Used to use chatroom 3 I think 🫣


    Oh ok.I chatroom 3 and one but dont seam to recall your nick, but any how welcome back to jc.Yes lot  has changed here with in those 10 years.During those 10 years jc introduced number system which went down like lead balloon.As it gave opportunity for trolls to come in hide do there business, in the end the mods came in booted suited the trolls. Sadley some of jc regs have past away, like ladyhmm who i miss very much she was lovely and kind,so was snugzz and smilee from usa .At the moment its hit in miss affair to find regs in here.Even though its quiet in here its more pleasant. :good:


    I don’t recognise your name either 🤔 have you went by anything else. Sad to see no one around really. Used to be so popular and busy here


    Morning Geordie Bird.Yes mostly been the flyingkiwi.Yes its sad how its gone quiet but like most things goes round in circles.I tend to find ppl goes to other sites but usealley end up back in jc. Every chat site has its ups n downs.


    Ah that explains it then you’ve had a name change lol. Yeah all things change I guess


    lol Evening Geordie bird.Only for very short time though was at time when u could dream up any old nick and was load of fun to at that time.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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