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    What?! a library with NO Shakespear or Dickens?! wtf kind of library is that?!



    here a interesting book sold on amazon –


    yes…seems much ado about nothing jane……LMAO


    I must admit just…….and this is only my own theory…LMAO……and i mean this as a compliment to women as well……i don’t think women think logically that much…well they do but it’s different to men’s logic….that’s all i’m saying for now……LMAO


    Logic depends on the topic for either gender. Some have more strengths, knowledge, know of. Applying logic as say again depends on the ability to be aware and experience certain things.

    Providing example..Woman know more about the menstrual cycle. So depending on topic in which is used,her logic may sound more possible, understandable, stronger as she goes thru those cycles.  Men go thru own hormonal changes, different, nevertheless do, but different as well. Just like men physically stronger who play more active sports, professionals know how to do certain plays, moves woman may apply may be different in doing the sport, but depends on sport and logic may be applied different.




    Yes linda…in that sense it is fairly easy to interpret the originator of a book or written item. Maybe getting more difficult these days as the male/female 50/50 split has sub divided. But in my opinion…..words on a page leave a forensic clue to the D.N.A of the originator of said item.


    one person logic is another person opposed opinion of there logic, i like to say: “there is non point ?ing some illogical thing if u can not change it, as it wont do anything to change the illogical thing”, i mean i have heard some right illogical things from religious and capitalist and royalists, habitual attitudes, behaviors  etc, but unless they are going to be not bias about there opinion of whatever topic, i mean them to learn from others and be deferential with certain topics at times, if they are obv not the more superior one in the debate about whatever topic, then they need to just accept it and become more clever from the person who knows better than them, if u can not then u will have to just agree to disagree with them, what can be dumb to do or it cud be clever to do, it depends on the topic that is being debated about, being stubborn in life is good but also cud be bad.


    Logic is a way of thinking in a reasoning,pondering and then conclusive manner but then logic is only as good as the one who’s making the logical decision….based on their own under standing of what they have learnt in their life and been taught, influenced etc….so logically,if your logic is wrong, your conclusion will no doubt be wrong……


    Not sure if this is ‘ pop lit’ or not really but one of my fave novels , an easy reading one, not one that taxes your brain too much , was Khaled Hosseni , A thousand glorious suns ,  he also wrote The Kite Runner and And the Mountains Echoed,   The Kite Runner was a moving film , but the thousand suns novel sticks in my mind. Based in Afghanistan , it was so different than my expectations and I learned a lot , about culture etc and how in many ways we are all so alike emotionally despite where we are born. It’s not hi-brow, just a good read, mind you I was a lot younger then lol, still think I may re read it. I loved it  :-)


    The Magic Cottage by James Herbert might interest you Moosey

    its certainly a “gripper”

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 83 total)

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